Yinkozi; a resolution connecting security technology to the operation of the business.

April 29, 2016

The ease of access presented by today’s enterprise infrastructure has paved the way for major security concerns amongst all types of organizations. The rising complexity of the enterprise infrastructure guided by today’s evolving technological advances has further entangled the implementation of security measures and created a major problem for the management of many corporations.

Therefore it has become imperative for companies to seek out a solution that addresses the issues posed by both the complexity of infrastructure and the dire need for adept security measures.

An independent information security firm offering for your assistance

Yinkozi is an independent information security that provides effective partnership whereby it an assist you in identifying evolving vulnerabilities and risks in an ever changing landscape, wherein the company is able to map the corresponding impact to assist in enabling timely remediation before any possible exploitation.

The approach

  • Yinkozi prioritizes risk level by calculating both the technical and business impacts on the system while addressing each issue accordingly. ·
  • Identification of common vulnerabilities by using customized, non-commercial tools truly sets the company’s services apart from industry peers.
  • Specialising in rendering security services that provide clients with the transparency required to comprehend the intricacies involved in enterprise security management.
  • Focuses on securing company assets (graph approach).



Security assessments

  • Mobile Applications– offer a range of mobile security services which cover all the mobile channels (USSD, WAP, WIG, Mobile Applications, and Machine-To-Machine). Additionally on mobile application solutions (Secure Containers and MDM) ·
  • Web applications– Perform an active analysis of the application for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities. Any issues that are found will be analysed in-depth, with an understanding of both the development of the software at the code level as well as the business risks associated with the identified vulnerabilities.
  • Infrastructure-specific & global-external, Internal, Cloud, Wireless or Scada Penetration Testing. The security risk assessment utilizes a risk-based approach to manually identify critical infrastructure security vulnerabilities that exist on all accessible services within scope. Recommendations are based on the business requirements of the company.
  • Supply chain security-low level & complex systems-Supply chain security services to carriers (port authorities, airport), Mining, government agencies (customs) and businesses for protection from all potential supply chain security risk including commercial products, custom-developed software and supply chain integrity.
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