The brand race for the retail industry in Mauritius goes to Galaxy, with 1277 mentions for March 2016.

April 29, 2016

People are talking about you, they are talking about your competition and the information trail they leave behind is like a treasure. You can look at your competitors’ brand feedback, their service, promotions and more. Brand analytics really can tell you everything you need to know to innovate and leapfrog the competition.

Turning insight into impact, in our brand analytics for the Retail industry of Mauritius, Galaxy leads the online presence by capturing the highest share of voice (SoV) for the month of March 2016.

Share of voice is about how much of the pie you’re getting; what percentage of the digital space is yours? How much of all online content and conversations is from or about your company?

Metric details

 Daily Activity represents the volume of mentions picked up by days of the week across four time intervals (12AM – 6AM, 6AM – 12PM, 12PM – 6PM and 6PM – 12AM) for monitored brands.

Popular Sources outline the share of mentions picked up for each monitored brand of the Retail industry by sources.


This report was conducted for the period March 1st to March 31st 2016, where our tool scanned the internet from news websites to social networks in Mauritius. Real time information for instance brand mentions, complaints and concerns were picked up to derive business value in complex, expressive, and sometimes-confusing human language.

The report was done for the Retail industry whereby we have monitored eight brands namely: Galaxy, Courts Mammouth, Spar, Intermart, Shoprite, Cash and Carry, 361 and Super U on a real time basis. The analysis is broken into Part A which details SoV, Daily Activity and Popular Sources for the eight monitored brands and Part B which focus on the three most popular brands of the Retail industry.

 Mauritius retail industry analysis

 Share of voice results

 Galaxy has led the race on the online platform, followed by Courts Mammouth and Spar with 1,277 mentions, 358 mentions and 56 mentions respectively. Their average number of mentions picked up per day was 41, 12 and 2 respectively.



Daily Activity

 The highest activity for the monitored brands of the Retail sector was recorded on Fridays, Thursdays and Tuesdays from 12PM to 6PM respectively.


 Popular Sources

 During the period under review, the highest number of mentions picked up for the monitored brands were from Facebook.



 Leading brands analysis


 As depicted by the line chart, the highest volume of daily mentions picked up for Galaxy was 265 followed by 130 and 64 on 11th, 17th and 25th of March respectively.


 As illustrated by the column chart, the highest daily activity for Galaxy was on Fridays (408 mentions), Thursdays (239 mentions) and Tuesdays (132 mentions) from 12PM to 6PM respectively.


 With 1277 mentions on Facebook, Galaxy topped our brand analytics supported by promotional campaigns; lucky draw for “Samsung Galaxy S7” on 11th of March, “Star Battle” quiz (9th and 2nd of March), “5alasuite” quiz on 21st of March, “J’ai Trouvé” quiz (3rd and 25th of March), “Chanson Mystere” quiz (17th and 29th  of March) and a “Clearance Sales” on 30th of March 2016.


Courts Mammouth

As depicted by the line chart, the highest volume of daily mentions picked up for Courts Mammouth was 64 followed by 31 and 23 on 24th, 2nd and 22nd of March respectively.


 The highest daily activity for Courts Mammouth was on Thursdays (101 mentions), Fridays (70 mentions) and Wednesdays (54 mentions) from 12PM to 6PM respectively.


As shown by the diagram below, Courts Mammouth sources were mainly geared towards Facebook and Twitter. ​It is to be noted that, Courts Mammouth has done a “Play and Win” quiz on 24th of March and other Promotional Activities on Facebook during the whole month of March.



The highest volume of daily mentions picked up for Spar was 11 followed by 5 and 4 on 13th, 15th and 18th of March respectively.


 As illustrated by the column chart, the highest daily activity for Spar was on Sundays (12 mentions), Saturdays (11 mentions) and Tuesdays (10 mentions) from 12PM to 6PM respectively.



Spar was mostly present on Facebook whereby it has done a quiz for “Independence Day” on 12th of March, offered “WinCash” promos to privilege club members on 14th of March and provided “Les Prix Imbattables” promos on 11th and 17th of March respectively.


 Our Analytics team will be pleased to discuss how Sentiments Analysis can add value to your online brand management. Contact us on2331636 or via email: for further information.​


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