Digital transformation bringing a new era for the fast food segment

September 14, 2017

Mobile is booming and the exponential growth rate of smartphones have changed the way consumers behave and their buying journey. Consumers are demanding new experiences, always connected, they want ultra-personalized and simple interactions with the brand, at the very moment they need it. Most of the fast food players are already inserted in the digital world in some level but now most of them are trying to improve their business with the information from its consumers and it will definitely change the way the consumer interacts with them. In an industry known for strong competition, price sensitivity, and strong brands, digital innovations will keep taking the lead on deciding where they should focus on the future.

Digitalisation in the food industry

The evolution of the online economy has reached almost all industries and it could not be different with such a relevant industry such as food. From the marketing to the consumer service, all the way to food presentation and channel of instant feedback, the digital revolution is changing the way consumers and companies think about food. In a world where time is the scarcest resource and almost everything you can imagine is somehow accelerated by the use of digital tools, the food industry that has focused the most on innovations has been the fast food industry. Fast food chains also have the benefits of working with a huge scale of consumers, being consolidated in strong brands and managing to be closer to clients with tens of thousands stores across any big city. These characteristics made the fast food industry the perfect pioneer in the digital innovation in the food company and it has created a lot of changes already.

The new customer experience

The way the consumer interacts with everything is changing, and that is also true with food. The consumer experience is no longer an individual or familiar experience. It can be shared with millions of people in a matter of days, for better or worse. Most of the fast food companies are extremely active on their social media to capture the perceptions of consumers and respond fast to problems that could become potential PR crisis. The way the food is presented had also changed with digital innovations. Most of the fast food companies present digital displays that facilitate customization based on consumer preferences in different locations and price changes based on analysis of the consumer base. Kiosks in store, with digital menus to order, are reducing the time of wait and reducing costs to the companies. The smartphones are an obvious relevant part of the puzzle and all big fast food companies have their own app that allows to get information about their menu, make an o

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