Vivo energy wins the race for online brand presence in Mauritius amidst the fuel sector for April 2016.

May 20, 2016

Do you want to know whether people are talking positively or negatively about your brand? Are your followers liking your product and leaving positive feedback? Is your customer support efficient or is it being criticized?

All these questions can be answered through opinion mining which is the process of digging through online communications to extract the gems valuable insights about how customers really feel about your brand.

 In today’s technology era, customers connects with your brand online, therefore monitoring your online presence is a must for your brand survival and to lead the market.

With sentiment analysis insight, you can measure customer satisfaction, gauge reactions of marketing campaigns and detect competitive and reputational threats to your brand.

Metric details

 Brand Analytics is about tracking the performance of your brand vis-a-vis your competitors. With valuable insights you can notch up your competitors as you will be in a better position to understand your customer’s needs.

To be able to benchmark your brand in the market Share of Voice is an essential performance metric to help you in providing details of the percentage of mentions being picked up online about your brand.

This report monitored brands of the Fuel industry in Mauritius and captured mentions of these brands online via an efficient social media strategic plan.

Daily Activity represents the volume of mentions picked up by days of the week across four time intervals (12AM – 6AM, 6AM – 12PM, 12PM – 6PM and 6PM – 12AM) for monitored brands.

Popular Sources outline the share of mentions picked up for each monitored brand of the Fuel industry by sources.


Our tool scanned the internet from news websites to social networks in Mauritius to come up with solid insights for the Fuel industry in Mauritius for the period April 1st to April 30th 2016.

Real-time information for instance brand mentions, complaints and concerns were picked up to derive business value in complex, expressive, and sometimes-confusing human language.

The four monitored brands in the Mauritian fuel industry were: Vivo Energy, Total, Engen Petroleum and Indian Oil on a real-time basis.

The analysis is broken into two parts; one focusing on SoV details, Daily Activity and Popular Sources for the four monitored brands and the second part highlighted three most popular brands of the Fuel industry.

 Industry Analysis

Share of voice

 Vivo Energy has led the race on the online platform, followed by Total and Engen Petroleum with 47 mentions, 3 mentions and 2 mentions respectively.


Daily Activity

 The highest activity for the monitored brands of the Fuel sector was recorded on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6PM to 12AM followed by 12PM to 6PM and 6PM to 12AM respectively. 


Popular Sources

 During the period under review, the highest number of mentions picked up for the monitored brands were from Facebook followed by News, Blogs, Web and Twitter. 


Brand Analysis

Vivo Energy

The highest volume of daily mentions picked up for Vivo Energy was 8 followed by 6 and 5 on 5th, 21st and 2ndof April respectively.



As illustrated by the column chart, the highest daily activity for Vivo Energy was on Tuesdays (14 mentions), Thursdays (10 mentions) and Fridays (7 mentions) from 6PM to 12AM followed by 12PM to 6PM and 6PM to 12AM respectively.


Vivo Energy sources were mainly geared towards Facebook, News and Twitter. It is to be noted that Vivo Energy has done promotional activities for their “Smart Club” members on April 21st and “Road Safety” campaign on April 5th on Facebook. 



As depicted by the line chart, Total picked up only 1 daily mention on 19th, 8th and 6th of April respectively.


We can see from the column chart, Total recorded daily activity only on Tuesday (1 mention), Wednesday (1 mention) and Friday (1 mention) from 12PM to 6PM, 12AM to 6AM and 12PM to 6PM respectively. 



As shown by the diagram below, Total was mostly present on Twitter, News and Blogs.


Engen Petroleum Brand

 Engen Petroleum picked up only 1 daily mention on 3rd and 15th of April respectively.



As illustrated by the column chart, daily activity for Engen Petroleum was on Friday (1 mention) and Sunday (1 mention) from 12PM to 6PM and 6PM to 12AM respectively.


Engen Petroleum brand was present only on Facebook where it has organised “Riders & Co Annual Open Ride 2016” on April 3rd.


Our Analytics team will be pleased to discuss how Sentiments Analysis can add value to your online brand management. Contact us on2331636 or via email: for further information.​


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