Let’s your guest unlock special digital experiences with smart hotel app.

May 18, 2016

Have you checked into a hotel without speaking to a single person yet? Maybe order room service and book a massage at the spa without dialing a single number? If not, you will soon enough.

With mobile becoming more and more important for all brands, it is not surprising that the hospitality industry is taking advantage of mobile technology. Beyond just booking stays, a tailored made hotel app can take things up a notch and offering more mobile features, like full concierge services and all kinds of local information and deals. Guests’ mobile apps are changing the way travelers interact with hotel staff and vice versa.

What can a hotel app offer to your guests?


  • Last minute hotel-booking is possible for your guests.
  • Users check in to their hotel anytime the day before their arrival and can pick up their pre-programmed key-card at special expedited mobile check-in desks.  If guests arrive before their room is ready, the app will send them an automatic notification when their room is ready.
  • Order room service, book hotel spa treatments, choose what kinds of bath amenities they want stocked in their bathrooms and arrange airport transportation
  • Make and modify reservations, see property details for each of its locations using an interactive 3D globe view, and view local city guides.
  • Local city guides, and special offers and events available at the hotel during their stay.
  • Built-in QR code reader that guests can use around the hotel to unlock special digital experiences related to that particular hotel location.
  • Minimize miscommunications from voice interaction and the ability to multitask at one’s own pace
  • Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to execute self-service transactions during their hotel stay.

Why developing a hotel app for your guests:

Investing in such technology-driven guest services is not to trim staffing or costs, but to cater to customer demands. The millennial consumer expects to be able to discuss, organise, book and customise their life experiences on their mobile device at his own convenience.

The self-service model is something that people increasingly prefer. It is permeating virtually every industry, particularly hospitality and other customer service oriented industries. It also contribute in reinforcing the hotel’s branding messages and gain enhanced long-term guest loyalty.

Smartphone, mobile tagging, mobile sites, geo-location, and social media marketing major hotel groups worldwide are now focusing on mobile strategies in order to enhance the guest experience, offering fully customizable mobile apps that make all types of digital transactions simple for hotel guests -before, during and after their stays.

Do you want to design a tailored made Hotel app for your guests, contact Anglo African Consulting Team on 2331636 or via Emailcontact@infosystems.mu, we will be please to assist you.


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