Self-service HCM platform to leverage the real power of your workforce

January 19, 2017

Today’s managers in human resources are increasingly expected to add strategic value. As organisations strive to become more agile, business leaders need to stay abreast of the changing workplace landscape, while keeping up with technology and advancements. This has numerous implications for Human Resource (HR) – namely, a shift in focus from transactional processes and policy administration, to strategic human capital management (HCM).

Leveraging the Power of the People with Employee Self-service

HR departments today spend majority of time and resources keeping up with daily administrative tasks. With the HR team at capacity maintaining and managing endless paperwork and processes, there is little time left to develop long-term strategic goals.

An intelligent HCM platform helps to mitigate HR Dept Challengers

With the growing global workforce trend, employee-facing mobile technology offers opportunities for HR departments to operate more efficiently: employees can complete online training courses; supervisors can approve roster changes; hiring managers can approve job requisitions through mobile access; and the list goes on.

  •  Complete resources for outsourced payroll processing, human resources management and employee self service
  • Accurate data is necessary for businesses when processing payroll. Being required to batch import time data into payroll through an interface delivers payroll data that can’t be viewed in real-time as updates are made to employee time data, and runs the risk of error and inaccuracy.

For example, if time data is batched into payroll overnight on Monday, and an employee works a morning shift on Tuesday, the administrator won’t see the employee’s data when reviewing payroll on Tuesday afternoon. With a single application, payroll data is updated in real-time as shifts are worked or adjustments are performed, enabling live payroll previewing and auditing while helping to ensure compliance. This spans past just Time & Attendance to include HR, as any change that impacts an employees pay data, such as their pay rate or deductions update accurately in payroll as soon as they take effect.

 Anglo African offers your enterprise a smart HCMaaS with myriad Functionalities:


  • Manage personal information and employee directory – Users will be able to view and manage their personal information as well as search and view their colleagues’ profile


  • PayslipUsers are able to access/download their payslip through their desktop or mobile at any time and place.


  • Leave ApplicationUsers can see their leave balance, apply for leaves, and view their leave history on the platform. They are notified once their leave request is approved/declined.Untitled
  • SurveyUsers are able to fill surveys relating to their organization from the platform. For example, when organizing a company event, the human resource department can conduct a poll on the HCM platform to know employees’ views by providing them with the different options available.
  • TrainingEmployees get to view the different trainings they are enrolled for, the details of that training as well as the deadline.Untitled


  • Geo-taggingNo longer do employees have to clock-in and clock-out at work. The Geo-tagging feature on their mobile will automatically record their time-in and time-out on work premises.
  • MyDocsMyDocs is a means of communication between the human resources department and employees. Documents such as safety policy, employee handbook and so on will be available directly on the platform for the user to access.

Business Impact

  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of paychecks
  • Ensure tax compliance
  • Gain efficiencies through centralized data access
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Integrates fully with Human Capital Management
  • Manager and Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Cloud-based with smartphone and web browser access

Digital Transformation impacts considerably all sectors and departments with its ability to fully utilise the latest technologies. Companies can expand their reach with HCM platform on App and Web to leverage their workforce.  If you have a keen interest in the future of digital transformation, do contact Sazzia on 2331636 or via e-mail at

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