A connected garden is completely possible with intelligent devices.

January 19, 2017

The smart, connected home is a rapidly growing market, with home owners seeking ways to make the devices within their house communicate with their smartphones, PCs, and tablet. But what about around your home? Sure, having a connected doorbell is cool, but how about a connected garden? Turns out, a smart garden is completely possible.

Adding Smarts to Your Garden

Smart home tech doesn’t have to be limited to the four walls of your house – there are quite a bit of ways to enhance your outdoor experience with some connected tech. If you have a lawn or garden that requires regular watering, for example, chances are good that you’ve looked into (or even installed) a programmable irrigation system with timers and a weekly schedule.

While better than standing out in the yard with water hose yourself for half an hour every day, these systems aren’t terribly intelligent. But using some solenoid valves, a bit of hose, and depending on how many zones of irrigation you want, a handful of Z-Wave relays, you can create your own programmable irrigation system that’s easier to program and that can be operated remotely.

Go one step further by enabling your irrigation system to intelligently adapt to weather conditions. With Smart Automation system you can control, your sprinklers can dole out a little bit of extra water on especially hot and sunny days, and pause your regularly scheduled sprinkling when it rains, so you don’t water or money.

But how do you know how much water is enough?

Soil moisture sensors are one way to find out. Plant Link plugs directly into the soil near your plants, and lets you name and identify each one by species. With that information, it then keeps tabs on each of your green friends and lets you know exactly when they need to be watered, via text or email notification.

Garden Irrigation and Lighting

A central control for the garden is activated through a Wi-Fi system to operate sprinklers and outdoor lighting; it can also monitor the weather and respond to the changing weather conditions. Saving water and energy is easy with the use of technology to control these systems, and solar power is also an earth-friendly choice for garden lighting.

At Anglo African, our automation solutions are based on intelligent installation system that meets the highest requirements for applications in modern building control. KNX technology (http://www.knx.org) is accepted as the world’s first open standard for the control of all types of intelligent buildings – industrial, commercial or residential. Our solutions are for new and existing buildings and is extendible/adaptable to new needs.

Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your business . Learn how Anglo African team can help you to implement an automation strategy for your enterprise needs. The Anglo African team is fully committed to helping you in achieving your  new vision to drive operations to the fullest potential. For specific queries, get in touch with Navin by calling on: 2331636 or via e-mail at navin.mautbar@infosystems.mu

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