KNX is the one clever solution for home and building automation for various applications

December 28, 2016

KNX is far more than just an installation system. It is as versatile as life itself. KNX offers the technical opportunities to make a building a Smart Home or Smart Building, to use energy efficiently, and to increase comfort and quality of life. KNX has long been established as the global standard for home and building automation. Controlling room climate, lighting, and blinds – all these are classic KNX functions. KNX technology is suited for functional buildings as well as for private homes.

Using KNX automation system optimally for yourself and your customers

• KNX lighting control creates accents and provides orientation

Twilight is predictable. In the morning, in the evening.. For instance in front of entrances, accesses or on parking lots of companies, industrial plants, administrative buildings or housing areas. This application in lighting is required especially at the start and end of work. KNX lighting controls which create clear accents and provide orientation.

• KNX: constant lighting conditions implemented across systems

We all sense temperature differently. Similarly, we all sense brightness differently: Too bright or too dark are elastic terms, and are understood in a different way by each individual. However, we all know that light is an important asset. KNX, whether open-plan offices, classrooms, or seminar rooms: Near the window it is bright, while it is darker inside the room. Dusk and dawn, or rainy weather increases the effect. KNX building automation with constant lighting control ensures homogenous and energy efficient lighting conditions,

• KNX blind controls: Position of the sun, sunlight and blinds which always respond correctly

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west – but in between and over the year, it shows a surprisingly variable course, which takes its different effects on houses, functional buildings, and the people, who live and work inside. For some people it is quickly too warm, others are blinded by the incident sunlight. Those who want to create constant lighting and temperature conditions, and ensure an efficient working atmosphere, find exactly the right components in the KNX building automation, which counteract the complex interplay of sun position, azimuth, and elevation: sun protection with sun position tracking. All this is very energy efficient: Because in winter, the solar energy is used to reduce heating costs, and 
in summer, the cooling effort is reduced by correct shading.

• KNX air quality control: fresh air helps students concentrate

No matter what you are doing you can concentrate properly when the air is stuffy. The right 
atmosphere is essential to study in. The KNX air quality sensor enables just that. The KNX monitors the rooms temperature, humidity and CO2levels. Once it is configured 
it will automatically ensure the optimum air quality whilst keeping energy consumption to a minimum. That way everyone can benefit from clean air and a comfortable environment to work in.

• Needs-oriented and energy saving temperature control with KNX

We still use most of the energy for heating. Even if the share in private houses is higher than in functional or administrative buildings: In both cases, the lion’s share of energy costs is consumed by heating. Inside the individual rooms, we control the temperature with valves, room thermostats, and presence detectors. In this way, energy savings of up to 6 % can be achieved by lowering the room temperature by only one degree in unoccupied rooms.

• The quick and easy to use KNX visualisation: One mini server, one software and infinite comfort

Fantastic not only for children: creating a beautiful lighting mood. KNX makes it possible and makes it visible – and alive. KNX electric installation behind the wall performs, what benefits, 
and above all, what options it offers. Also best of all the user can decide himself, how he 
wants to set lighting, heating, climate, safety functions and electric devices and from where.

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