KFC leads the online brand presence [SoV] for the fast food sector in Mauritius for 1st of March to 31st of March 2016.

April 1, 2016

Monitor your online presence, track the performance of your brand and benchmark it against that of your competitors and specific KPIs to measure customer satisfaction, gauge reactions of marketing campaigns and detect competitive and reputational threats to your brand.

In our brand analytics in the fast food industry of Mauritius, KFC leads the online presence by capturing the highest share of voice (SoV) for the month of March 2016.

Share of voice (SoV) is essentially your crucial performance metrics against those of your competitors​ or Key Performance Indicators.​“Share” is self-explanatory. “Voice” is a little trickier because it implies that people are saying things. In its simplest form, SoV helps you understand how your brand or company is performing in comparison to your competitors.


This report was conducted for the period 1st of March to 31st of March 2016 where our tool scanned the internet from news websites to social networks in Mauritius. Real time information for instance brand mentions, complaints, concerns were picked up to derive business value in complex, expressive, and sometimes-confusing human language. The report was done for the fast food industry whereby we have monitored five brands namely: ​KFC, Ocean Basket, Nando’s, Mc Donald’s and Steers on a real time basis.

Metric details

Brand Analytics tracks the performance of your brand online; measures the competitiveness of your brand; and specific KPIs.

SoV details the percentage of mentions picked up from monitored brands of the fast food industry where we recorded highest activity on Tuesdays from 6pm-12am followed by Fridays and Wednesdays for the time interval 6am-12pm.

Popular sources represent the share of mentions picked up by source; whereby the monitored brands for the fast food industry have encompassed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

​It is to be noted that​ during the period under review, ​KFC and Ocean Basket has recorded a pulse in mentions picked up on Independence Day. In addition to this, KFC has run promotional activities​​ for International Women’s Day, history of KFC on 11th of March and zinger zasar on 8th and 22nd of March respectively.

Share of voice Results

Among the monitored brands, KFC has led the race on the online platform, followed by Ocean Basket and Nando’s with 965 mentions, 596 mentions and 163 mentions respectively. Their average number of mentions picked up per day was 31, 19 and 5 respectively.


 Popular Sources

KFC and Ocean Basket brands were popular on Facebook and Instagram while Nando’s sources were geared towards Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.​ ​


Our Analytics team will be pleased to discuss how Sentiments Analysis can add value to your online brand management. Contact us on 2331636 or via email: contact@infosystems.mu for further information.​

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