Internet of Things enables ‘smart buildings’ solutions

June 22, 2016

The internet of things (IoT) is advancing a new breed of smart buildings that are better aligned with the priorities of property owners and managers. IoT enables operational systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving operations and providing the best experiences of tenants

The Changing Building Industry

Most buildings have some level of intelligence built in, whether HVAC, lighting, or fire safety. But today, it is possible to get more from building data, and ultimately, make better decisions.

This is being done for all types of buildings—commercial properties, industrial, healthcare, and education—by property owners who are taking advantage of new technologies, mobile devices, IoT, and big data.

Smart Buildings Opportunities:

  • Personalization and Mobility– Make it easier for stakeholders to interact with your buildings.
  • Occupant Comfort and Productivity – Improve the building’s environmental quality.
  • Sustainability and Efficiency – Practice social responsibility by using energy, water, and building resources more efficiently.
  • Location -Based Services – Improve facility staff productivity and occupant experience with location sensors on building assets.

The  BUILDINGS Internet of Things allows an enterprise  to focus on all the components in a building that could be connected to the network (the Internet) for the purpose of creating operational efficiencies, reducing energy consumption, improving occupant experiences (DAS to security), achieving sustainability goals, and effectively optimizing financial performance.

The benefits of including BUILDINGS Internet of Things

To operate buildings in the most cost-effective manner, save energy, be good stewards of our resources, make sure the occupants are safe and happy, and ultimately achieve a more profitable enterprise.

This new way of thinking about real estate, overlaying an IT network, connecting all traditionally unconnected equipment, monitoring, analyzing and controlling business processes without much human intervention, will lead to much better managed assets, which translates to happier occupants and improved finances.

If you are excited about embracing this new concept of the IIoT into buildings, Please contact the IIoT team of Anglo African [on 2331636 or via email] who would be pleased to organise a visit to our IIoT Lab for Smart Buildings.

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