Intelligent Transport Systems to improve traffic flow

March 7, 2017

Keeping the city moving is critical. Transportation strategies have an impact on public safety, the environment, energy, rapid response services, the ability to do business, and critical deliveries; not to mention the general quality of life. The Internet of Things enables the integration of communications, control and information processing across transportation systems, allowing for dynamic real time interaction. The intelligent network has made possible intelligent transportation.

About Intelligent Transportation

The use of technology to enhance pedestrian and vehicular accessibility and manage the district facilities, and disseminate information to the public in digital format, with a view to making the area a better place for work and play. The modernization level of transport is currently an important criterion to take the measure of urban development. Progress in communication techniques and networking, together with vehicle location methods have become the key enablers of innovative transport systems.

Real-time traffic flow information, coupled with Telco, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), M2M communication, Wi-Fi and RFID technologies, as well as data analytics and prediction techniques, can be used to enhance private and public travel.

The potential of an intelligent transportation system

  •  Sensors can collect information about traffic conditions at critical city spots and send, via wireless or GPS communication, to centralised control systems. This data can then influence decision-making or even operate processes like traffic light synchronisation.
  • Traffic Awareness

Traffic Awareness can supply the transportation information model and basic platform for visualization and analysis of traffic operations data. The Traffic Awareness feature integrates data from disparate traffic and road data capture systems by using integration protocols that are recognized by the worldwide transportation industry.

  • Traffic Prediction

The Traffic Prediction provides traffic prediction capabilities for transportation authorities. The Traffic Prediction feature uses the historical and real-time traffic data that is collected by the Traffic Awareness system to predict future traffic levels of a geographical area, up to an hour in advance.

  • Make smart choices

Location and network analytics in stations and at trackside inform passengers and route trains safely and efficiently

  • Improve transit

Onboard Wi-Fi, real-time video, smart ticketing, and centralized operations enhance mass transit and passenger experiences.

  • Reduce congestion

Smart roadways connected to sensors can clear traffic jams before they happen, making drivers happier and safer.

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