For the disabled, smart homes is the perfect solution for an enjoyable and easier life

December 21, 2016

Imagine having your own house constantly keeping an eye out for you to make sure that everything’s OK, and taking action on your behalf if anything happens! Smart homes offer tools for people with disabilities to live more independently, allowing them to take control—turn on and off lights, find out who knocks on the door. Smart homes, stuffed with futuristic appliances that can be controlled remotely, are being heralded as the wave of the future. They’re also a potential game-changer for the disabled.

Best home automation technology for disabled people

  • Lighting Controls and Modifications

The ability to control your lights via a remote control or smartphone app is an excellent tool for anybody who has mobility problems or trouble reaching light switches. Useful lighting solutions include the ability to have lights turn off automatically when you leave the room, or to turn on automatically when you enter a room – although the latter does also require light sensors and a little extra set-up to prevent the lights coming on during the day when they aren’t needed.

  •  Retrofit Automatic Door Opening Systems

For people who use a wheelchair, as well as others who have mobility problems, opening doors can be a hassle. In domestic settings an automatic door is slightly different from the type that we all come across in our daily lives at the entrances of public buildings, shops, offices and so on. Usually these commercial systems use a sensor to detect when a person is approaching the door, and then open the door for them.

  • Automatic Curtains and Blinds

Blinds and drapery can be slightly more expensive to control electronically than your lighting, but the added expense can be well worth it. A system which includes both lighting and drapery control also opens up the possibility to program “scenes,” which means you can have a single switch button or app icon to perform multiple functions—for example closing the blinds or curtains and switching on the lights with a single button, or even opening the curtains a switching on the TV together in the morning!

  • Wireless Socket Control     

Everybody knows that leaving your appliances on standby adds money to your electricity bill. It is therefore best to turn things off at the wall at the end of the day to prevent waste and save money. But what if reaching down to the socket behind your TV is a difficult or impossible task? Wireless socket control is the answer.

  • Entry Control  

A networked door entry system and wireless lock combine to offer an excellent solution. A good quality home automation controller can be combined with a video intercom and wireless lock so that you get a phone alert when somebody rings your doorbell, and you can then speak to them via the intercom and let them in with a simple tap of the screen. For people with hearing impairments this means that they can get a tactile vibration alert from their phone when somebody comes to the door, and for those with mobility issues it also means that you can open the door without having to move anywhere.

  •   Powered Cupboards

Many wheelchair users find reaching up to things difficult. Kitchen cupboards is a classic example. Powered cupboards is an excellent solution for people who can reach their kitchen counter, but can’t reach up into cupboards located above it. All you do it fit an electric track onto your wall, and you can then fit any cupboard onto the track allowing it to move up or down.

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