Enhancing back office processing through Artificial Intelligence

February 16, 2018

Artificial Intelligence an innovative technology for the financial industry to enhance customer experience, drive down costs and combat risk. Drawing insights more rapidly and accurately from vast amounts of complex data, it is essential in an environment where that data is pouring in from all sides, all day, every day. Automate your back-office process and workflow using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled Intelligent Data Capture

The potential of Artificial intelligence:

  • Automated customer support and service

Conversational algorithms to train the system to enhance and automate your customer services and support systems.

  • Invoice and Expenses Automation

Using  Machine Learning to extract key and line item details from invoices and receipts expenses.

  • Back Office / Clearing House Clearing House Automation

Automating processing of large volumes of business documents and transactions with improved speed and accuracy with reduced cost.

  • Automated Compliance

We help companies meet standards and be compliant by automating data processing for documents such as policy forms, application forms, customer onboarding and verification, KYC, etc.

Creating A Smarter Back Office With Artificial Intelligence

There are huge benefits to leveraging AI capabilities in the never-ending fight against fraud and cybercrime, as well as supporting ongoing compliance demands.

Make a big impact behind the scenes

But what about day-to-day operations? Beyond the high-profile customer experience and compliance use cases that everyone immediately thinks of, there are actually hundreds of ways in which AI can make a significant difference behind the scenes.

Empowering employees: By analyzing all the available data about a customer, across all the accounts they have with the bank, and pulling in external information from social media and other public sources, advanced analytics solutions can identify patterns that a busy sales executive would never be able to spot. Now they can get exactly the right customer information, special offers and so on, exactly when they need them, to help them have more relevant, successful conversations with their customers.

Increasing efficiency: Across every part of the business, processes and workflows help keep things moving, ensure compliance and deliver on customer expectations. They’re essential but they can also be time-consuming and repetitive, requiring employees to spend time on admin that could otherwise be spent adding value.

Making smarter ‘things’: Although the FSI industry is a pioneer in the use of many innovative technologies, there are still lessons to be learned from elsewhere, especially when it comes to unleashing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). By installing sensors on items around the back office, or even the branch floor, you can begin to automate many maintenance processes, for example, a common practice in manufacturing and automotive companies.

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