Cyber security incident updates; Warframe, Wireless Keyboards, Zero day hole, Locky.

July 28, 2016

Check the latest security incidents happening for you to unite your people, processes, and technologies behind an intelligence-driven defense. Being up to date with latest cyber-attack happening around the globe increases awareness on hackers’ new targets and alerts you on your next move towards cyber security.

Warframe, Clash of Kings players’ info stolen after forum hacks

 The Clash of Kings forum hack has not yet been confirmed by China-based Elex (the game’s developers), but according to Leaked Source, nearly 1.6 million records have been compromised. They contain usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, hashed and salted passwords, Facebook access tokens, and more. ZDNet reports that the hack was carried out on July 14 by an unnamed hacker, who took advantage of an old and well known weakness in the outdated vBulletin installation powering the forum.

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 Wireless keyboards ‘easy’ to snoop on
Information typed on a wireless keyboard can be easily intercepted, a cybersecurity research firm has warned. San Francisco-based Bastille said keyboards transmitted what was being typed in “clear text”, making it possible for attackers to listen in on from up to 76m (250ft) away. The firm said affected keyboards could not be updated and should be replaced. In total, the researchers found 12 different companies producing vulnerable keyboards.

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 Zero day hole can pawn millions of LastPass users, all that’s needed is a malicious site
A dangerous zero-day vulnerability has been found in popular cloud password vault LastPass, which can completely compromise user accounts. Many millions of users can right now be compromised by merely visiting a malicious website. This allows attackers complete access to user accounts in which hundreds and thousands of passwords are stored.

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 Locky Rises to the Top of the Email Threat Heap
 The Locky ransomware has become the No. 1 email-borne threat, overtaking Dridex and making good use of JavaScript attachments to lead an explosion of malicious message volume. According to the latest Proofpoint Quarterly Threat Summary, malicious mails were up 230% quarter-over-quarter, with campaigns peaking at hundreds of millions of messages per day. Among email attacks that used malicious document attachments, 69% featured the new Locky ransomware in Q2, versus 24% in Q1.

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Top tips to avoiding imminent cyber-attacks within your business

 Cyber-attacks are on the rise and it won’t be long before local businesses are targeted. No matter what type of business you are in, security within your IT system is crucial to maintain your reputation and avoid any major information breaches within your organisation.
The following tips help your business to avoid imminent cyber-attacks:
Don’t operate your computer as an ‘Administrator’. The number one reason for not running as an administrator is to limit your exposure to malware. As an administrator, every program you run has unlimited access to your computer. If malware is able to take hold through one of those programs it is equally able to access all parts of your computer or potentially your network.
Update your software, patches and updates as soon as they come out. Not just Windows, but all third party products. It is widely recognised that as soon as patches are released hackers reverse engineer the patches to identify the problems that are being addressed. They then immediately set about writing exploit code that will attack un-patched computers. The quicker you can apply patches following their release, the less likely you will be exposed to these hackers.

Remove software from your computer that you do not need. The rule of thumb is that if you don’t need it, it shouldn’t be installed. The more applications you can remove from your PC the smaller the footprint for exploitation becomes.

 Have a reputable anti-malware (malicious software) solution installed and use its advanced features.  It is often found that people spend a significant amount of money on antivirus software, installing it, but not configuring it to provide the protection that it is capable of. Make sure you have a good quality antivirus solution that has a robust reputation in themarket and has been installed correctly and configured to provide you with the best protection possible against modern malware threats.
Backups. The ultimate protection against a malware infection is your ability to completely restore your system from a backup. As a rule of thumb, data should not be considered backed up until there are three copies, two of which are backups of the first, and one of those backups must be off-site.

Intrusions happen, threats emerge and your security operation needs to be at its peak efficiency. For more information about cyber security kindly contact Kavina on 2331636 or by e-mail at

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