Adopting a smart HCM platform to take your business to new heights

September 22, 2016

Not only the employers, but the employees also benefit from this technology. Anglo African’s HCM platform (Available both on web and mobile) aims at enhancing employees’ user experience by maximizing their autonomy. The platform allows employees to carry tasks which previously they had to depend on the human resources department and administration for. A growing number of companies are adopting smart Human Capital management (HCM) self-service applications platforms that reduce human resources paperwork and workload. This enables human resources staff to focus more on strategy and planning. In the small business realm, where owners and certain key employees wear multiple hats, shifting certain functions to workers through self-service applications can enable these key individuals to devote more of their energies to the company’s core business.

How Does HCM self-service platforms Work?

At its basic level, the HCM platform uses technology to permit employees to perform tasks that previously were handled by a company’s human resources department, benefits management or administrative staffers. The applications are generally available through the company’s or a vendor’s Web site, which employees easily access at work or from home, or via a company’s intranet. Of course, not all employees work at computers. In that case, employers may wish to set up kiosks or computer terminals in lunchrooms or spare offices for employee access.

Leveraging your payroll department through smart HCM platform:

Integrated payroll & human capital management streamlines your payday functions and improves accuracy by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. Integrate to Time & Attendance applications to get detailed job and labor distribution. File your taxes electronically in all jurisdictions and have the system create and send electronic forms automatically, eliminating the administrative burden and clerical errors resulting from the manual preparation. Print checks locally to remote printers for easier and faster check distribution.

Business Impact

  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of paychecks
  • Ensure tax compliance
  • Gain efficiencies through centralized data access
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Integrates fully with Human Capital Management
  • Manager and Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Cloud-based with smartphone and web browser access

User Defined Incomes and Deductions Automate payrolls for processing with unlimited income types, using any denomination, and calculate however you want. Standard types include hourly, salary, bonus, commissions, overtime, double-time, etc. Set up unlimited deduction types on gross or net, with flexibility on taxes, limits, flat dollar amounts, hours worked or percentages. Mass Entry Complete mass entry of pay information at once. The system automatically identifies employees that are eligible to be paid, based on rules you define.

Job Tracking Post hours by multiple job levels including job type, job class, department and group.

Automated Tax Discovery Automatically determine applicable state and local tax rates, based on an employee’s address. Eliminate the guesswork associated with setting up employees whose zip code overlaps multiple local tax jurisdictions. Tax tables include federal, state and a full complement of county, local and school taxes. The system also accommodates custom tax configurations.

Electronic Tax and Form Filing Satisfy all federal, state and local government payroll tax mandates for deposits, quarterly and annual returns, wage listings, and e-filing/reporting requirements and fully automate tax processes. File for multiple companies with unlimited state and local jurisdictions. View summary payroll data by period, quarter and YTD. Built-in EFTPS compliance for simple e-filing and e-payments.

Direct Deposit Define an unlimited number of checking, savings, money market accounts for each employee and banking institutions for each company. Set up partial percentage amounts with the remainder going to a check.

Anglo African offers your enterprise a smart HCMaaS with myriad Functionalities: Payslip Users are able to access/download their payslip through their desktop or mobile at any time and place. Furthermore, they have the ability to directly send their payslip to a mail address. Leave Application Users can see their leave balance, apply for leaves, and view their leave history on the platform. They are notified once their leave request is approved/declined.

Survey Users are able to fill surveys relating to their organization from the platform. For example, when organizing a company event, the human resource department can conduct a poll on the HCM platform to know employees’ views by providing them with the different options available. This will enhance employee engagement as their opinion is being valued by the organization.

Training Employees get to view the different trainings they are enrolled for, the details of that training as well as the deadline.

Geo-tagging No longer do employees have to clock-in and clock-out at work. The Geo-tagging feature on their mobile will automatically record their time-in and time-out on work premises. The data will be fed into a database which employers can then access.

MyDocs MyDocs is a means of communication between the human resources department and employees. Documents such as safety policy, employee handbook and so on will be available directly on the platform for the user to access.

Digital Transformation impacts considerably all sectors and departments with its ability to fully utilise the latest technologies. Companies can expand their reach with HCM platform on App and Web to leverage their workforce.  If you have a keen interest in the future of digital transformation, do contact Sazzia on 2331636 or via e-mail at

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