Yves Rocher leads the online brand presence [SoV] for the Cosmetics sector in Mauritius for March 2017.

April 17, 2017

​Monitor your online presence, track the performance of your brand and benchmark it against that of your competitors and specific KPIs to measure customer satisfaction, gauge reactions of marketing campaigns and detect competitive and reputational threats to your brand.

In our brand analytics for the Cosmetics industry of Mauritius, Yves Rocher leads the online presence by capturing the highest share of voice (SoV) for the month of March 2017.

Metric details

 Brand Analytics tracks the performance of your brand, measures its competitiveness and specific KPIs on the online platform.

Share of voice (SoV) is essentially your crucial performance metrics against those of your competitors or Key Performance Indicators. It details the percentage of mentions picked up from monitored brands of the Cosmeticsindustry.“Share” is self-explanatory, “Voice” is a little trickier because it implies that people are saying things. In its simplest form, SoV helps you understand how your brand or company is performing in comparison to your competitors.

​Daily Activity represents the volume of mentions picked up by days of the week across four time intervals (12AM – 6AM, 6AM – 12PM, 12PM – 6PM and 6PM – 12AM) for monitored brands.

Popular Sources outline the share of mentions picked up for each monitored brand of the Cosmetics industry by sources.


This report was conducted for the period 8thMarchto 31stMarch2017, where our tool scanned the internet from news websites to social networks in Mauritius. Real time information for instance brand mentions, complaints and concerns were picked up to derive business value in complex, expressive, and sometimes-confusing human language. The report was done for the Cosmeticsindustry whereby we have monitored three brands namely: Yves Rocher, Himalaya Herbals and Avonon a real time basis. The analysis is broken into Part A which details SoV, Daily Activity and Popular Sources for the threemonitored brands and Part B which focus on the individualbrandsof the Cosmetics industry.

Part A – Industry Analysis

 Share of voice

 As depicted by the doughnut, Yves Rocher has led the race on the online platform followed by Himalaya Herbals and Avon with 72 mentions, 5 mentions and 1 mention respectively.


Daily Activity

 The highest activity for the monitored brands of the Cosmetics sector was mostly recorded from 6AM to 12PM on Fridays (22 mentions) and Wednesdays (13 mentions) followed by 12PM to 6PM on Mondays (13 mentions).


 Popular Sources

 During the period under review, the monitored brands wereactive only on Facebook (78 mentions).



Part B – Brand Analysis

Yves Rocher Brand

 As depicted by the line chart, Yves Rocher brand has picked up 10 mentions on 10thof March followed by 7 mentions on 11th, 20th and 21st of March respectively.





As illustrated by the column chart, the highest daily activity for Yves Rocher brand was mostly from 12PM to 6PM on Fridays (20 mentions)and Mondays (13 mentions) followed by 6AM to 12PM on Wednesdays (11 mentions).





As shown below, Yves Rocher brand was present only on Facebook (72 mentions) where it has promoted its products and posted wishes for Independence Day and International Women’s Day.




Himalaya Herbals Brand


As depicted by the line chart, Himalaya Herbalsbrand has picked up2mentions on 16th of March and 1 mention on 22nd, 24th and 30th of March respectively.





As illustrated by the column chart, the highest daily activity for Himalaya Herbals was mostly from 6AM to 12PM on Fridays (2 mention) and Wednesday (1 mention) followed by 12PM to 6PM on Thursdays (2 mentions). 


 As shown below, Himalaya Herbals brand wasmainly present onFacebook (5 mentions) where it hasdone promotional activities for its products.



Avon Brand


As depicted by the line chart, Avon brand picked up only 1mention on 15thof March.







As illustrated by the column chart, Avon Brand was active only from 6AM to 12PMon Wednesday (1 mention).


As shown below, Avon brand was present only on Facebook(1mention) where it has advertised the recruitment of Independent Sales Representatives.


We thank you for your interest in our Blog Post. Our Analytics Team will be pleased to review how Sentiment Analysis can help you reach the next level of performance in your online brand management. For further inquiries or requests, please contact Shamin on: 2331636 , via e-mail: shamin.bodhy@angloenterprises.com, or via LinkedIn: https://mu.linkedin.com/in/shamin-bodhy-1bba249a


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