Vivo Energy distinguishes itself as the most popular fuel brand in Mauritius in our analytics for the month of March 2016.

April 15, 2016

The power of social media channels has created a new world of venting and consumer voice. Therefore, the ability to quickly understand consumer attitudes and react accordingly is something that every organisation needs to consider to maintain your brand reputation.

Tracking what people say about you or your business online allow for instant or well-timed responses, to avoid escalation procedures.

This week,​in our brand analytics on the Fuel Industry of Mauritius, Vivo Energy leads the online presence by capturing the highest share of voice (SoV) for the month of March 2016.

​ Methodology 

This report was conducted for the period March 1st to March 31st 2016 where our tool scanned the internet from news websites to social networks in Mauritius. Real time information for instance brand mentions, complaints, concerns were picked up to derive business value in complex, expressive, and sometimes-confusing human language. The report was done for the Fuel Industry whereby we have monitored four brands namely: Vivo Energy, Engen Petroleum, Total and Indian Oil on a real time basis.

Metric details

Brand Analytics tracks the performance of your brand online; measures the competitiveness of your brand; and specific KPIs.

SoV details the percentage of mentions picked up for monitored brands of the Fuel industry.

Daily Activity

Irrespective of brands, we have recorded the highest activity on Thursday (12 PM to 6 PM) followed by Wednesday (6 PM to 12 AM) and Saturday (12 PM to 6 PM).


Share of voice Results

Vivo Energy has led the race on the online platform followed by Engen Petroleum and Total with 63 mentions, 40 mentions and 18 mentions respectively. The average number of mentions picked up per day for Vivo Energy and Engen Petroleum was 2 and 1 respectively. As displayed by the chart below, Vivo Energy represents 51% SoV, Engen Petroleum 33% and Total 15%. It is to be noted that​during the period under review, Vivo Energy has run promotional activities for “Smart Club Loyalty Card” on 11th of March, “Shell Gas Lite” on 16thand 21st of March respectively, “110 Years Anniversary” on 25th of March and “Hearty Boutique at Mart D’albert” on 29th of March.


Popular Sources

The chart below depicts the sources of mentions for the monitored brands.

Vivo Energy was mostly popular on Facebook, News, Twitter and Images.



Engen Petroleum was mainly geared towards Facebook and News.



Total was mostly present on Twitter, News, Web and Blogs.



 Do you want to know customers attitude toward your brand,our Analytics team will be pleased to assist you. Contact us on 2331636 or via email: for further information.​


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