Transforming Agriculture with the Digital Hive in Mind

December 1, 2017

Digital has changed business forever – and the agricultural sector is no exception. The digitisation of applications, processes and technologies is giving the sector the opportunity to become more insight-driven, efficient and productive. Some of the biggest players in the agricultural market are investing millions into digital.

The bottom line in precision agriculture is also about cutting food waste. The impact will be highest when the food that is ultimately produced is used effectively through the best preservation and storage methods. Having food safety systems and facility to track supply chains will also boost the overall value of the sector.


Transforming their agricultural process to digital provided a wide range of advantages to the user:
• With much greater data accuracy and data retrieval, the company saw a great boost to efficiency
• In addition to greatly improving accuracy, the app helped eliminate the need for 10% of the field supervisors
• With far more accurate mapping (area under cultivation with all the details of crop type, irrigation, etc.) the prediction of future crop yields significantly helped the company to make more accurate pricing decisions in the futures market
• The improved real-time reporting and live synchronization of information made harvesting decisions much more effective and improved factory utilization

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On December 1, 2017

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