The potential of digital ticketing system for public transport 

February 9, 2017

A Ticketing system that  meets the requirements of transport companies and bus carriers is vital for uniting systems of Electronic Fare Collection and GPS satellite tracking of vehicles, additionally monitoring basic telemetry data such as speed, temperature, engine RPM and fuel level. Based on that data it is possible to monitor the entire fleet of vehicles, allowing transport companies to fully control its vehicles and provide greater safety and comfort for its passengers and transported goods.

Digital transformation in the ticketing system 

 Electronic cards payment is a set of systems and devices that are used for selling and billing tickets for electronic card control. This system allows ticket sales and electronic cards control inside the bus and outside the bus. The systems are adapted to customer needs and can be combined in various ways for better efficiency

  • Cashless ticketing has many advantages both for passengers and transportation providers. Passengers do not need to carry money, and with cards that can top themselves up automatically there is no need to add pre-payments to card. Cheaper fares with pre-pay and contactless solutions are an incentive to take-up, as is multiple transit system validity and cards’ ability to calculate and charge the cheapest possible fares.
  • For transit operators the advantages include dispensing with printing physical tickets and operate ticket offices, freeing up staff for other roles. Meanwhile the data cards gives improved insights into journey patterns, including multimodal public transit use.

Fleet management and telemetry represent systems and devices that can perform complete planning, implementation and control of all aspects of the vehicle and driver. From monitoring of the vehicle, its fuel consumption, utilization, planning vehicle to a complete dispatch center that provides complete planning and implementation of all the lines and departures. This system allows bus operators to have full control and all information related with their fleet.

Bus Arrivals Announcement 

Display of information with options, not only to passengers but also for employees within bus carriers and other companies.

Display for outdoor bus stops is intended for announcing the arrival of the bus to the station, it is also integrated into the Ticketing system and thanks to the unique schedules, lines opened in the buses, and the exact position of the vehicle obtained with GPS tracking system – has the ability to display calculated arrival time relative to the current position of the bus stop

Fuel costs control

Fuel costs control is a collection of devices and systems with which it is controlled fuel costs starting from the initial filling of the vehicle to the fuel consumption during vehicle operation.

Online ticket sales

Online ticket sales is a set of software and hardware systems that allow the sale of tickets to any place where there are some minimum requirements for operation such as a computer or cell phone. The most frequent system in Online ticket sales is a Booking.

Booking systems can be designed for the needs of bus operators for regular and seasonal international lines that require some specific information about the passengers as well as passengers’ names, passports numbers, identity cards. Booking system can be divided into two categories: Booking via computer and Android booking

Barriers for passengers

Barriers for passengers represent a complex set of mechanics and electronics, which together allow control of entry-exit passengers at the bus station or other facility. Barrier is controlled by a special electronic system It is enough that a passenger in a designated place lean proper contactless card, printed bus or platform ticket and barriers will enable him passage.

Digital technologies therefore offer the chance for individualised, tailored, accelerated and more effective strategy for businesses. If you want to know about the power of digital transformation, Anglo African team can help you,  do contact Naazreen on 2331636 or via e-mail at

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