The cosmetics counter goes digital for a seamless virtual makeup application experience.

February 17, 2016

For years, you’ve ventured to the local department store to get your makeup done by an expert, but now your makeup expert will be your smartphone.

Ladies, let your smartphone be your professional makeup artist and get an instant makeup application experience whenever you want to pamper yourself with the MakeupGenius app.

Yes, you’ve heard it right; technology meets up with the cosmetic world to create a virtual makeup application, which instantly applies makeup to your image using real products and real inspiration. An app that lets you see yourself in real time wearing products, that aren’t actually on your face.

When you smile, pucker up, or wink, the virtual cosmetics move along with you. If you turn rapidly to the side, the screen lags a second before the digital mask jostles back into place.

The app uses one-of-a-kind technology that recognizes your facial characteristics to ensure a seamless virtual makeup application experience.

Once you’ve fired up the app, you can select that new shade of eye shadow or lipstick and virtually try it on yourself.

You can browse through a library of looks from expert makeup designers or just have fun trying on new makeup yourself.

After you have applied your makeup, the app will actually follow your movement and angles, no matter where you look, allowing you to see what it would look like from any perspective.

The MakeupGenius app takes it one step further, allowing you to scan products in-store and try them on right away! No matter where you go, a new look is at your fingertips. How easy is that?

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