Smart water for the good of your building and the environment

March 23, 2017

Sensors are being utilised to increasing degrees in all forms of industry. The quality of water is no exception, and the water industry is faced with a wide array of water quality issues being present world-wide. Thus, the need for sensors to tackle this diverse subject is paramount. Smart Waste Water measures real-time data tracking of the wastewater pipelines making diagnosis of it. This solution allows remote management and operation of sewage networks and rainwater, detecting any kind of problem and proceeding with quick and efficient solutions. At the same time that you lower your building’s water bills, you are also performing a major eco deed for our common good.

About smart water

Smart Cites, Smart Water

One of a city’s most important pieces of critical infrastructure is its water system. With a growing population, it is inevitable that water consumption will grow as well. The term “smart water” points to water and wastewater infrastructure that ensures this precious resource – and the energy used to transport it – is managed effectively. A smart water system is designed to gather meaningful and actionable data about the flow, pressure and distribution of a city’s water. Furthermore, it is critical that that the consumption and forecasting of water use is accurate.


  • Water height
  • Flow
  • % fill
  • Spill alarms
  • Temperature

Optimize the water consumption efficiency and safety in living areas.

  • High-accuracy water flow meters installed in the main water supply pipe of the living area to provide real-time water flow data.
  • Electric valves to control (open-close) the water supply into the living area.
  • Big Data Platform, where data is received from the sensors, stored and analyzed in real-time, extracting meaningful insights for the demand-side. Based on this information the platform is also able to send orders to the actuators, modifying their operation according to defined rules and alerts.


  • Continuous measurement of the level of the effluents circulating in the collector
  • Detection of discharges to storm spillways.
  • Calculation of flow and volume of discharges into the environment
  • Cost reduction and water optimization
  • Control and analysis applications for the waste water network

At Anglo African, our automation solutions are based on intelligent installation system that meets the highest requirements for applications in modern building control. KNX technology ( is accepted as the world’s first open standard for the control of all types of intelligent buildings – industrial, commercial or residential. Our solutions are for new and existing buildings and is extendible/adaptable to new needs.

Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your business . Learn how Anglo African team can help you to implement an automation strategy for your enterprise needs. The Anglo African team is fully committed to helping you in achieving your  new vision to drive operations to the fullest potential. For specific queries, get in touch with Navin by calling on: 2331636 or via e-mail at

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