Sentiment analysis is the road towards improving your customer service

August 31, 2017

With sentiment analysis, brands can figure out customer behaviour across various touchpoints, what triggers buying intent, and what doesn’t appeal to your customers anymore – Sentiment analysis helps you to rate your product/service in comparison to other competitors.

 Sentiment Analysis is critical to a Customer Experience Strategy

If you want to delight your customers, you need to tap into their emotions. Consumers willingly interact with a company because they have a certain amount of trust and confidence associated with that particular brand name. And if they are consistently delighted, they start forming positive emotions and soon become loyal to that brand. Therefore, simply put, for a company to improve customer experience, it needs to garner a lot of positive customer sentiment. That said, how can you improve customer sentiment if there is no means to track or measure it?

Sentiment analysis is how you can track customer sentiment. It does this by analyzing customer feedback mined from unstructured customer comments on feedback forms and social media platforms. Keeping in mind that sentiment analysis is about processing unstructured and sporadic customer opinions, the insight generated will further strengthen your overall understanding of your consumer base.

With sentiment analysis, brands can figure out customer behaviour across various touchpoints, what triggers buying intent, and what doesn’t appeal to your customers anymore – How do customers rate my product/service in comparison to other competitors? Is this particular marketing campaign able to create an emotional connect with the buyer?

The Need for Sentiment Analysis in Business

Now, there are many digital applications and tools to be used in collecting data about the customer experience. Overall, mobile apps and devices are increasingly important as the primary tools to collect this important information. So, why is sentiment analysis important in a business? Here are some of the answers.

What the Customers Say Matters

  • Nowadays, the customers become smarter. Before deciding to buy a product or service, they would gather some basic information on the product or service and see how the existing customers review the product or service. Furthermore, customers are not reluctant to say their opinion on a product or service anymore, whether it is positive or negative. They also have more options to convey their opinions, such as using social media, mobile-based review apps, blogs, and sites.
  • A Tool to Plan Long-Term Strategies – On the part of the producers, sentiment analysis is a good tool to understand the customers. Reviewing the customer sentiment enables the company to plan long-term strategies for business development and to provide the employees with the necessary training. Similarly, the companies can use various tools, such as social media, websites, forums, and mobile apps to obtain the data on the customers.

To make sure that the sentiment analyzers perform their bests, the following are some activities to control:

List of apps that have digital presence in the company

Usage status of those apps

User feedback

Digital rankings based on user experience, reviews, comments, and conversations

Response on app quality and service quality

Emotive scores – both positive an

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