Self-service HCM platform to leverage the real power of your workforce.

August 3, 2016

Today’s managers in human resources are increasingly expected to add strategic value. As organisations strive to become more agile, business leaders need to stay abreast of the changing workplace landscape, while keeping up with technology and advancements. This has numerous implications for Human Resource (HR) – namely, a shift in focus from transactional processes and policy administration, to strategic human capital management (HCM).

The role of human capital management will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the past 30. Technological advances and changing business needs will impact on HR in profound ways.

What is changing in the world of HCM

One of the most dynamic changes in the world of work has been the pervasion of consumer technology. Social media can leverage the desire to connect and share, to create a more engaging experience in processes such as recruiting, performance management, and learning and development.

  • 70% of CEOs expect the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) to be a key player in enterprise strategy.
  • HR will be called upon to help employees adapt to a workplace in which robots and automation will play an ever-bigger role.
  • HR departments will have more trouble persuading younger workers to stick to the rules.
  • Security technology will be integrated into systems and deliver a return on investment to the end-user through leveraging the technology in multiple applications (HR and time and attendance etc.).
  • Teams will need to increasingly work together to achieve the right results.
  • Integrating social media into HR service delivery has risks and challenges.

Leveraging the Power of the People with Employee Self-service

HR departments today spend majority of time and resources keeping up with daily administrative tasks. With the HR team at capacity maintaining and managing endless paperwork and processes, there is little time left to develop long-term strategic goals.

Process automation is helpful, but sharing the load with users is an additional excellent initiative.

Robust employee portals with efficient self-service functionality enable employees to review and update personal information, view pay and tax history, manage benefits and request leave. This has become a major timesaver for HR administrators, allowing them more time for new challenges and forward-planning.

With the growing global workforce trend, employee-facing mobile technology offers opportunities for HR departments to operate more efficiently: employees can complete online training courses; supervisors can approve roster changes; hiring managers can approve job requisitions through mobile access; and the list goes on.

Types of HCM solutions

Operational HCM where it is concerned with administrative function like payroll, employee personal data etc.

The Relational HCM which is concerned with supportive business process by the means of training, recruitment, performance management, and so forth.

Transformational HCM is concerned with strategic Human Resource activities such as knowledge management, strategic orientation etc.

Employee-facing HR technology – mobile or otherwise – continues to gain traction in enterprises. New tools free up HR manpower while improving employee access to key information and functionality.

Functionality of Human Capital Management as a Service (HCMaaS):

Anglo African has the right solution for your HR department with a smart platform offering multiple functionalities:

Payslip – View and download payslip from mobile or desktop
Leaves – apply for leaves, and view leave history from mobile and desktop
Training – Employees can view the different trainings they have been enrolled on, the deadline and training details.
Survey – Organisations can run surveys which employees will fill on the HCMaaS
MyDocs – Employees get access to relevant HR related docs such as safety policies, employee handbook, insurance forms through the platform.

Digital Transformation impacts considerably all sectors and departments with its ability to fully utilise the latest technologies. Companies can expand their reach with HCM platform on App and Web to leverage their workforce.  If you have a keen interest in the future of digital transformation, do contact Sazzia on 2331636 or via e-mail at

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