Save and spend smartly with intelligent digital apps.

June 1, 2016

Spending is highly individual. Beyond the golden rule – spend less than you earn – it is hard to be prescriptive because expenses are the result of so many individual decisions, many of which seem inconsequential as we make them.

The ability to track where your money goes gives you financial clarity so you can quell the nervous feeling that you are overspending, and take actions to change your habits.

An intuitive budgeting app helps you track where your money goes. By inserting your expenses, it makes you feel in control of your budget and spending, so you can understand where your money goes and where you can save. From the students who needs to closely monitor his spending to the small business owner who needs to report his expenses, a smart budgeting app for personal finance monitoring is a must-to-have.

Smart features of budgeting apps:

  • Simple and customizable budgeting tool help you to set a budget and understand your spending by entering income while keeping all your spending organize in customizable categories.
  • Record your expensesand spending in no time – it only takes seconds to record and keep track of your spending and expenses. Enter the amount, select the category and you are done! You can also use the clever camera function to take a picture of your receipts and enter the details later!
  • Visualizewhere you spend and where you can save automatically – create pie charts and bar charts so you can spot quickly where your money goes and decide how to rebalance your budget.
  • Keep your budget data safewith backup to Dropbox – you will always have access to your spending and expense data with the automatic backup Dropbox Feature. A good way to keep your data safe!
  • Export your expense data to Exceland share them between Devices with Cloud Sync Reconcile your household budget easily data easily with the export to excel function.
  • Share your expensesbetween multiple devices with Cloud Sync – Enter your spending and income from multiple devices with Cloud sync. Share your budget with your partner and family to make sure you are all on the same financial page!
  • Passcode-protected allows you to keep all due dates and amount totals in one place and even gives you notifications for impending payments.
  • Due dates are highlighted on the calendar for quick views.

Why not downloading a budgeting app for your personal finance management to save smartly and spend intelligently?

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