News wrap on trending cyber-attacks; Web Giant, IP Cameras, Stonedrill, Imposter Scam

March 9, 2017

Cyber crime is only likely to increase, despite the best efforts of government agencies and cyber security experts. Its growth is being driven by the expanding number of services available online and the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals who are engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with security experts. With the right level of preparation and specialist external assistance, it is possible to control damages, and recover from a cyber breach and its consequences.

Amazon has blamed a typo for a massive cloud-computing outage which caused problems for thousands of websites and apps. The web giant has apologised for the five-hour outage of some Amazon Web Services which took down websites including Slack, Trello and Medium. Amazon has now revealed exactly what went wrong, explaining that an incorrectly typed command during a routine debugging of its billing system was to blame, also known as a fat finger typo.  The employee only “intended to remove a small number of servers”, but instead the typo caused unprecedented performance problems for thousands of companies that rely on Amazon’s cloud-computing service.

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Believe it or not, there are DVRs and IP cameras available online today that you could hack just like in the movies, in a matter of seconds. These devices belong to Dahua, a Chinese manufacturer, who released firmware updates for different products after a security researcher found a laughably simple way of hacking their devices.

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A quartet of Kaspersky researchers say the “StoneDrill” malware sits in a victim’s browser, and wipes any physical or logical path accessible with the target user’s privileges. Although StoneDrill mostly seeks Saudi Arabian targets (and has Persian language resources in the code), Kaspersky’s authors Costin Raiu, Mohamad Amin Hasbini, Sergey Belov, and Sergey Mineev discovered it in Europe, and take this as a hint that the attackers might be widening their campaign.

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So-called “impostor” scams — in which con artists pretend to be a government agent or some other trusted person — surpassed identity theft to become the second-most common consumer complaint, according to the Federal Trade Commission,

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