News wrap on trending cyber-attacks

November 2, 2017

A security researcher uncovered a series of bugs in Google’s internal bug tracking platform, called Google Issue Tracker aka the Buganizer, which allowed him access to Google’s entire database of known and unknown vulnerabilities.

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A key database operated by large South African data centre operator and website hosting service provider Hetzner has been hacked, and the company is advising clients to change their passwords immediately. Hetzner, which is based in Midrand in Johannesburg, advised clients on its website on Wednesday that earlier in the day it had become aware of “unauthorised” access to its konsoleH control panel database.

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Malaysia has been hit with a massive data breach, as the records of over 46 million mobile phone number subscribers ended up for sale on the dark web. An unknown hacker is reported to have put up millions of sensitive records stolen from Malaysian telecoms and network operators for sale on the dark web. The data leaked includes users’ names, prepaid and postpaid phone number, addresses, customer details and SIM card data.

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Mobile software found on Google’s Play Store, the official application marketplace, contains malware that could infect Android devices and clandestinely mine cryptocurrency. Cybersecurity researchers from Trend Micro said Monday (30 October) that two malware strains – dubbed JsMiner and CpuMiner – were found in at least three applications. Software included a wallpaper provider, a religious prayer service and a wireless internet scanner.

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