News wrap on trending cyber-attacks

October 26, 2017

Barclays customers are to be warned via pop-up messages that they may have been targeted by fraudsters when they make online payments that appear to be “suspicious or out of character”. The banking giant says it has become the first in Britain to offer this sort of proactive fraud prevention service. Telegraph Money has repeatedly called on the high street banks to provide better protection for their customers, many of whom have been defrauded of tens of thousands of pounds.

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Another Chrome extension has been found secretly harboring a cryptocurrency miner – and it appears this issue is going to get worse before it gets better.

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Security researchers have spotted a new Android banking trojan named LokiBot that turns into ransomware and locks users’ phones when they try to remove its admin privileges. The malware is more banking trojan than ransomware — according to SfyLabs researchers, the ones who discovered it — and is used for this purpose primarily.

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A new form of ransomware is being distributed via the same method as one of the most successful families of file-locking malware, and may represent a new evolution of the menace. Launched by malvertising attacks on compromised websites, the new ransomware is currently designed in such a way it only infects victims in South Korea.

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