News wrap on trending cyber-attacks

October 5, 2017

It has been reported that the city of Englewood was hit by a ransomware virus attack with all city internal systems said to have been affected.

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Equifax, Sonic, CeX, Zomato – S0me of the largest data breaches have happened in 2017 and have been on a scale not seen before. This has got people asking the question: Is our data ever safe?

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Cybercriminals are using legitimate VMware binary to spread banking trojans in a new phishing campaign targeting the Brazilian financial sector.The trojan uses an authentic VMware binary to deceive security tools into accepting errant activity and to bypass security checks because if the initial binary, such as vm.png, is accepted, then the security tools assume that subsequent libraries will also be trustworthy, according to a Cisco Talos report.

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In what could be the biggest breach affecting Indian organizations, Seqrite Cyber Intelligence Labs along with its partner seQtree InfoServices has tracked an advertisement on DarkNet announcing secret access to the servers and database dump of over 6000 Indian businesses – ISPs, Government and private organisations.

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