Manufacturing embraces IIoT for extraordinary outcomes

July 19, 2016

The high level of interest and hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) is driven by the proliferation of everyday objects with an Internet connection — everything from kitchen appliances and household electronics to clothing, vehicles and retail goods. This transition is truly amazing, and developing faster than anyone could have imagined.

Smart Factories- Industrial Revolution is being powered by IoT

The first industrial revolution was powered by steam. Today’s Industrial Revolution is being powered by IoT. IoT in factories is an assembly of sensors and controllers, devices and embedded components, all talking to one another – interconnected, machine-to-machine, in real-time – the entire factory moving and producing in harmony.

The Connected Factory is the vision of a manufacturing environment where every machine is able to communicate with all other machines and devices across the plant floor and other remote locations. The purpose of the Connected Factory is to connect, monitor and control virtually anything, anywhere to drive operational productivity and profitability.

Smart factories for extraordinary outcomes

Many of today’s organisations are eager to implement Connected Factory concepts to realise benefits, such as reduced operational costs and better visibility and control.

The implementation benefits of connected factory concepts.

  • Extend equipment lifespan: increase the value of legacy equipment with powerful protocol conversion
  • Improve process visibility: gain insight and drive productivity with data logging and communication capabilities
  • Push control to the edge: scale systems management with control capabilities at the device instead of the central office
  • Operations Efficiency – Operational efficiencycan be accomplished in a number of ways, one of which is using data collected from monitoring points along a manufacturing line to minimise waste and downtime.
  • Increased visibility and insight into the production floor helps address issues before they occur: quality control is improved, equipment wear and tear can be tracked and intercepted, repairs and other schedules are optimized.
  • Intelligent Supply Chain Management: sensors such as RFID tags will allow inventory tracking and monitoring, and process automation.
  • Decreased Total Cost of Ownership: think lower, and more environmentally friendly overhead. Smart grid installation and technology advances correct power consumption,
  • Streamlined human resources. This doesn’t necessarily mean job loss, but more importantly job optimization. Continuous data means continuous analysis, risk assessment, and process coordination. It also means fewer field service calls, optimized remote monitoring and diagnostics, and proactive equipment maintenance and repairs.
  • Increased Revenue: All combined, Smart Factory optimizations are leading to better results, new business opportunities, cost savings and increased revenues.
  • Security  is  addressed at every layer, from sensors and actuators to the controllers and the operations and business systems with which they connect. IIOT devices comes with integrated security into them and the Defense in Depth practises are essentially making IIOT infrastructures more reliable and resilient

The Future of factories

The efficiency of the Connected Factory, is derived from valuable connections, and the competitive edge gained by harmonious dialogue between devices and humans. Seamless communication with operators, control systems and software applications, combined with practical networking options and support for native features and protocols, delivers exponential meaning to data extracted from industrial devices. These capabilities can take automation and remote management to new levels, thereby making this vision a reality. With the thoughtful integration of supporting components that are designed specifically for this goal, the ability to connect, monitor and control will drive productivity and operational efficiencies well into the future.

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