Internet of Things is revolutionising Healthcare industry

June 15, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reshape the way all businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world.

The Internet of Things could be a game-changer for the healthcare industry. It is transforming healthcare industry by increasing efficiency, lowering costs and put the focus back on better patient care. IoT, the driver for reimagining and revolutionizing patient care.

IoT in Action in Healthcare

The IoT is playing a significant role in a broad range of healthcare applications, from managing chronic diseases at one end of the spectrum to preventing disease at the other.

  •  Clinical care: Hospitalised patients whose physiological status requires close attention can be constantly monitored using IoT-driven and non-invasive monitoring. This type of solution employs sensors to collect comprehensive physiological information and uses gateways and the cloud to analyze and store the information and then send the analyzed data wirelessly to caregivers for further analysis and review.
  •  Remote monitoring: There are people all over the world whose health may suffer because they don’t have ready access to effective health monitoring. But small, powerful wireless solutions connected through the IoT are now making it possible for monitoring to come to these patients instead of vice-versa. These solutions can be used to securely capture patient health data from a variety of sensors, apply complex algorithms to analyse the data and then share it through wireless connectivity with medical professionals who can make appropriate health recommendations.anglo health
  • Early intervention/prevention: Healthy, active people can also benefit from IoT-driven monitoring of their daily activities and well-being. A senior living alone, for example, may want to have a monitoring device that can detect a fall or other interruption in everyday activity and report it to emergency responders or family members. For that matter, an active athlete such as a hiker or biker could benefit from such a solution at any age, particularly if it’s available as a piece of wearable technology.

 Vision for the future

Imagine that you are a relative of a patient who forgot the medicine prescribed for recovery. You receive the alert, are able to know his/her location, check vital signs remotely to see if he/she is falling ill, then be informed by your car’s navigation system which hospital has the freest beds, the clearest traffic route to get there and even where you can park.

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