Internet of things is now tackling the art of cooking with smart kitchen app.

March 21, 2016

Digital innovations are bringing surprise and sophistication to kitchen creations. From smart pans to connected scales, the internet of things is now tackling the art of cooking with the smart kitchen app.

Have you ever found yourself with a full fridge of ingredients but without any idea what to make from it? Smart Kitchen is a mobile app that shows you cooking from another perspective.

Today our kitchens are already becoming much more connected by how we access recipes with the quiet revolution of the iPad over the traditional cookbook has already taken place.

Connectivity can make things easier and better with automatic updates to the software in our appliances, diagnostic services for remote repairs and linking our appliances to work together, for a more seamless meal preparation experience.

Features of the smart kitchen app tech:

  • Smart Fridge is designed to help you use the ingredients; you already have at home or would like to have in your meal. By simply selecting your ingredients, the smart kitchen app filters the recipes you can make from what you have.You can then change the number of servings and add the missing ingredients to your shopping list, which is categorized so that you know exactly where to look when shopping.
  • It includes step-related animations and integrated timer. Tutorial contains additional tips and allows you to comment particular steps whenever you feel like improving the recipe. There is also delicious and mostly healthy recipes with retina images and calculated nutritional values based on GDA (guideline daily amount) by gender.
  • ¬†Cooking is done with the step-by-step interactive tutorial, which makes cooking so much easier and way more fun because of the animations and integrated timer when there is a time-related process. When you reach the end of the tutorial you can take a photo of what you have made and share it on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Smart Kitchen includes four categories, each of them contains 50 unique, delicious, and versatile recipes from which means that everybody can find something for themselves.


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