Integrated Smart Building Sensors

May 17, 2017

By monitoring the dynamics in a building there is a lot to be economised in the operational costs of a building. The variations in occupancy, air quality and weather conditions can be used to automate processes like HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and AirConditioning), to control lighting and to schedule cleaning or maintenance. The indirect benefits are even more important: research indicates that good indoor air quality (CO2 levels) is an important factor for learning performance and workplace productivity. .

Connected sensors in buildings

The deployment of connected sensors in buildings is a new way to improve how these buildings are utilised and serviced. Sensor data streams with analytics applied in real time offer significant potential for just-in-time service delivery and cost savings. Aggregated data from various sensor types enables insight into patterns and correlations and can be exploited for real estate and workplace optimisation and energy savings .

Use building sensors to improve real estate, facility and workplace performance

Sensoring provides permanent monitoring of ambient conditions and activities inside and outside buildings. The data flowing from connected sensors is captured in a big data platform that allows easy storage and search of large data volumes. Smart sensors and smart scenarios enable for example:

  • Rightsizing of service delivery by just-in-time triggering of work orders based on people activity, frequency of utilization, events, alarms and needs
  • Improved customer satisfaction through pro-active interventions
  • Energy savings through tuning of installations
  • Improved building performance by detecting trends and patterns in the collected data

Benefits of Sensoring

  • Real-time measurements from various sensor types
  • Operational information onactual occupancy and activity within a building/floor/room
  • Easyconfiguration of thresholds/triggers and full integration
  • Fact-based trend data to supportinformed decision making
  • Secure networkconnecting your things

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