Increase customer engagement towards your brand with a proper mobile strategy.

May 11, 2016

Smart technology innovation makes it important for every sector to have a mobile strategy. A study by Forester says that there will be 2.4Bn smartphone users by 2017. That means there will be greater access to mobile phones where more people will have phones than electricity!

Prolific, global smartphone adoption matters as customers now expect to be able to browse order and pay for goods and services and access information, regardless of industry, with a click of their finger.  Whether it is banking, retail, travel or hospitality, your audience have adopted an intuitive digital mindset that is only going to grow over time.

Benefits from adopting a mobile strategy:

  •  Increase customer order value – Upsell without the hard sell. Encourage targeted audience to buy more and stay longer with built-in upsell prompts.
  • Keep your customer loyal – Improve customer lifetime value with personalised incentives and a differentiated, convenient mobile experience.
  • Boost profits with targeted marketing Attract new prospects and drive additional revenue with targeted marketing campaigns guided by detailed customer data and insights.
  • Spread the word with social media – Amplify brand exposure and capture valuable customer feedback with integrated social media functionality.
  • Keep your brand at the centre of it all. Customize your app with your logos and colour scheme so your brand is up-front and centre.
  • Improve operational efficiency- Remove the pressure from busy environments. Save time, Improves order accuracy, lets customers relax and let’s staff concentrate on great service.
  • Mobile Analytics: Google Analytics for Mobile Apps measures your app’s full value, from discovery and download to in-app conversions.

 The need to consider a mobile strategy:


77% of people use their mobile phones in restaurants as per Mindberry study. With customers already using their phones in restaurants, it would be better that instead of using it to buy cinema tickets or browsing Facebook that they are instead using it to look through your menu, share photos of your food or buy products from your resort’s stores?


The point is, regardless of where they are, people will be engrossed in their phones or at the very least have them in their pocket or sitting out on the table.  Why not make the most of it and guide their usage to benefit your brand?



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On May 11, 2016

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