Improving Efficiency through digital transformation

June 15, 2017

There is widespread recognition among leaders in most industries that the role of digital technology is rapidly shifting, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption. Digitalization is the cause of large-scale and sweeping transformations across multiple aspects of business, providing unparalleled opportunities for value creation and capture. Business leaders across all sectors are grappling with the strategic implications of these transformations for their organizations, industry ecosystems, and society.

Prioritizing digital transformation opportunities

Chances are, you have already identified a number of digital opportunities for your business. But how do you determine which opportunities will give you a quick win or provide the highest business value at the lowest cost of implementation, is by exploring some best practices and tactical methods to help you prioritize digital opportunities—and kick-start your journey toward a digital transformation.

Three Pillars of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about managing information as a strategic asset.
It is about leveraging both existing and real-time information to gain insight, make better decisions, unify and speed key business processes and to engage with customers in a way that drives business value and customer loyalty. Efficiency, Usability and Insight are three foundational pillars that help support and drive digital transformation.

Driving Process Efficiency

Life Sciences organizations are tasked with maximizing efficiency across the full drug lifecycle. Bringing safe, high-quality drugs to market faster at a lower cost requires unifying processes that extend across domains, divisions and external partners. It requires the ability to link and seamlessly share documentation—the critical element inherent throughout the drug lifecycle.

Pillar #2 – Improving Usability

Another foundational pillar of digital transformation is to make it simple and straightforward for workers to access the information they need and to easily get their work done. Workers expect easy-to-use, consumer-like mobile applications that they can access on their phones and tablets to ensure that work continues even when they’re on the go. But of course, all actions must still conform to compliance requirements.

Pillar #3 – Delivering Actionable Insight

The need to gain insight to help organizations focus resources and make quicker, better informed decisions. With Life Sciences’ ever-present goal of accelerating time to market, being able to quickly get a status or understand key metrics and trends is increasingly valuable.

Similarly, new trend reporting helps identify which sites are consistently late in submitting documentation, which documents routinely fail the quality checks etc. By having tangible metrics and trend reports, companies can focus stretched resources to where the need is greatest to address the issues and boost overall efficiency and productivity.

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