IIoT revolution to create new value for the Telco industry

September 27, 2016

With the ubiquity of connected networks, inexpensive sensors and cloud-based data-storage capabilities, technology is a key player to enable innovative disruption in nearly every industry and daily activity. Businesses with the imagination and vision to put these emerging tools to use will differentiate their organizations from competitors and reap the benefits.

Telcos might be in the perfect place to tie the moving parts together for end-to-end solutions. The leading Telco’s are working to expand beyond selling SIM cards to capitalize on the M2M opportunity.

IIoT a great opportunity for telecoms

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been one of the greatest opportunities that telecommunication sector has had in the last years. Internet of Things will require a large amount of data, and telecom industry has to be capable of keeping it. In fact. And these numbers have to increase in a spectacular way in the coming months and years. However, IIoT it is a brand new business model and it will not be easy to take advantage of the situation.
  • Telecom business need to understand their environment: how their customers are connected, and how their services and products help them to the purpose. Then, they shall not forget or confuse their business model; and plan, if possible, an evolution of their infrastructure to potentially build a connected platform.
  • In addition, Internet of Things will also change the game for the telecommunications industry because people will be constantly connected to thousands of devices, and all of those would require an excellent and permanent connection to the Internet.
    Since the Telecommunication industry owns the wireless and wireline infrastructure through which data travels, it takes up the primary position in the value chain. This position will eventually translate into major IIoT opportunities for the telecommunications sector.

IIoT and the new role for network service providers

As the Industrial Internet of Things continues to pervade the enterprise and consumer worlds, the Telecommunications industry stands at the crossroads of new revenue streams and new challenges brought by this revolution of connectivity. The fact is that IIoT use cases in Telecom are going to flourish.

The IIoT initiatives for telecommunication providers:

  •  The first one is to capitalize on their infrastructures to provide tailored consumer applications, wide-area IIoT solutions and managed services. Using a highly versatile IoT cloud platform, any Operator can enter a particular business vertical with its own IIoT solution. Uniquely positioned with unlimited access to network infrastructure, telecommunication can provide better performance, wider scale, and – tapping into vast pools of user data – much better usability than competition.
  •  Another opportunity for is to open up new revenue streams by providing edge computing infrastructure for OTT service providers and application developers. Enabling cloud capabilities for network hardware such as modems, IP DSLMs, CMTSs or base stations will allow Operators to offer their infrastructure as a valuable service from which consumer behavior patterns can be extracted and acted upon.
  •  An incredible opportunity consists in minimizing Telco’s operational cost by applying IIoT middleware for software defined networking and network function virtualization. This will provide a great edge to IIoT-savvy providers, as they will abandon their mere “pipe keeper” roles for good and emerge as big players on the IIoT field.

Big Data Analytics as a Big Opportunity
One area in which carriers can shine is in big data analytics. Because traffic is flowing over their networks — including the traffic generated by machines — it only makes sense that telcos help businesses with the influx of new data. According to the report, businesses will need a way to extract relevant information from large data sets.

Telcos will be putting more emphasis on developing critical data analytics capabilities, the report said. As market demand is shifting from simple remote monitoring and control to business processes optimization and identification of new business models, data analytics will become essential to success.

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