IIOT adds high-tech touches to enhance hospitality in your hotel.

June 29, 2016

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) promises to generate a new wave of technological innovation that is set to permanently redefine the current digital landscape. Pioneering businesses are connecting complex, physical machines with first-class analytics to unleash a wealth of new insights that were never before possible.

In the hospitality industry, financial success is driven by engaged employees and satisfied guests. But today the expectations of guests are changing: Online bookings are up. Mobile payments are becoming a thing. Technology is transforming the business in a big way and consumers want to spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying their stay.

Serving customers in this industry really is a journey. Hospitality companies are introducing new ways to transform the actual stay experience.

How hotel rooms might look in the future with a concept called the “Connected Room.”

This is just one way companies from around the globe can take a digital approach to serving customers while maintaining the essence of every hospitality brand — people.

  •  Facilities and Operations

Smart sensors in connected devices such as ‘smart’ thermostats, drop-cams, coffee makers, connected mirrors, robot butlers and smart light bulbs can work together to automatically personalize environmental conditions for guests based on their proximity and movement patterns. Lighting and temperature can be automatically adjusted based on sensor data from IoT devices, increasing efficiency and eliminating waste.

  •  Personalized Service Delivery

Hotels can automatically send electronic key cards to their guests’ mobile devices, providing a comprehensive self-check-in and room key service. Smart locks can allow guests to restricted access to facilities on demand for improved security. Moreover, for returning guests, hotels can save room preferences and automatically load them at each visit, ensuring all guests enjoy a consistent, customized experience.

  • Logistics and Security

The day-to-day business functions of travel and hotel businesses can be dramatically improved through the automation provided by IoT innovations. Hotels can track supply chains more efficiently through sensor-enabled shipments, allowing them to plan for any contingency and prevent service disruptions to guests.

  • The customer journey

While hoteliers are increasingly looking at tablet PCs and other devices to facilitate this change, the Connected Room, is taking the concept a step further with a voice-activated solution built on Windows 10. Multiple pieces of technology are coming together to make this solution possible — bringing together environmental controls, room service menus, information about the property and in-room entertainment into a single system controlled by voice commands.

  • Empowering staff

While the guest experience is the most visible element of the transformation in hospitality today, there is a lot going on to connect and empower the organization too, with mobile devices, the cloud and the Internet of Things. New devices such as enterprise-class tablets or mobile phones can help staff get out from behind their desks to have real, personal interactions with customers. All these interactions create the kind of data to build real business intelligence as well. In hospitality, this often means developing a better understanding of guests’ preferences, whether it’s meals, wines, room settings or the way they use various amenities.

  • An ongoing relationship

As great as the stay may be, ultimately it’ll be checkout time. While technology tools can streamline the process of getting guests smoothly on their way, it’s also important to look at that ongoing customer relationship and social media’s role in growing that relationship.

The Internet of Things is here to stay, and this landscape will become even more interesting and complex. How the hospitality industry embraces this “technology” will ultimately center on revenue generation and retention.If you are excited about embracing this new concept of the IIoT into the hospitality industry , Please contact the IIoT team of Anglo African [on 2331636 or via email contact@infosystems.mu] who would be pleased to assist you.

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