IIoT a game-changer for the hotel industry.

July 25, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) — a vast network of connected devices — is set to become the world’s largest device market over the next decade, potentially creating trillions of dollars in economic value.

These IoT solutions are all available on the market now. Future IoT products and innovations will no doubt bring even more dramatic transformations in the travel and hotel industry. Hotels should prepare by incorporating IoT into their current initiatives to take advantage of future innovations when they arrive. Smart hotels under a connected environment and enable a simpler lifestyle for visitors, businesses, and management

A Whole New World of Automation for the hotel industry

Automation is the word on most hoteliers’ lips today and it should be. By 2020, hotels will be able to assign IP addresses to almost any device.

Within such a setup, the possibilities for automation are endless! Establishments are no longer restricted to automating only repetitive tasks. Managers can now anticipate even infrequent occurrences. For instance, a heater encountering any problems would be able to transmit a message to the manufacturing company. This would ensure timely servicing before any serious malfunction.

Automation like this can have a massive impact on the guest experience as well. There is the possibility of creating guest profiles that record visitor preferences enabling the hotel manager to replicate conditions of the guest the next time the guest visits. Most of these preferences are selected on digital appliances and gadgets such as televisions, thermostats and so on.

Grab the automations provided by IIoT innovations to upheld your hotel management

Smart hotels shall influence hospitality industry with the high-performance solutions to establish staff productivity, consumer comfort, energy efficiency, and overall security.

  • Hotels can track supply chains more efficiently through sensor-enabled shipments, allowing them to plan for any contingency and prevent service disruptions to guests.
  • Hotels and airlines can also easily and more cost-effectively deploy security mechanisms in facilities and structures, with centralized management of these IoT-enabled cameras and proximity sensors possible from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Smart technology strategies for clientele with lighting, surveillance, and customizable mobile servers. Hotel workers can breathe easy knowing their customers are comfortable and connected with tablets and smartphones.
  • Integrated IoT platforms with hotel property and lodging management systems ,workers can experience benefits such as increased productivity, efficiency, and economies of scale that work to improve housekeeping, facility maintenance, energy conservation, room service.
  • Data-driven triggers and alerts enable hotels to optimize concierge, front desk, room service, and staffing to address customer needs.
  • Remote-management system that enables staff to monitor activity. With this, hotels have instant notification of failures and can ensure optimal system productivity.
  • Information on the consumer is what brings the greatest value for the hotel business. Each hotel manager should know as much as possible about their guests, their needs and how they use the hotel’s services.
  • Innovations related to the sensor technology also make it possible to measure and analyze data from the traffic of guests inside the property.
  • Better Control over Power ManagementEnergy management has always been a problematic area for hospitality businesses. With connected devices, a single device detecting activity – or the lack of it – can alert a host of other devices. This would then set off a preordained chain of events. For instance, a guest leaving his room would trigger a series of signals that in turn would activate the lights and summon the elevator; while also deactivating certain devices.

With IIoT innovations  management of all hotel guest rooms will be easy with the amazing features:

1. Lighting system
2. Shading system
3. HVAC system
4. Door Access Control system with Door Camera.
5. Room Status Detection along with Do Not Disturb and Make Up Room indication
6. Power sockets including a variety of electrical appliances in the Guest rooms
7. Sensors including Motion sensors, Sun Protection detection sensors, Brightness sensors, Door contact sensors and many, air quality sensors and many more.

All the benefits to improve hotel management is what makes IoT so exciting for hoteliers. Every single industry in existence will soon be simplifying operations by employing connected devices. This will extend the reach of hospitality businesses far beyond any current technology.

The new technological innovation wave is redefining the current digital landscape. Hospitality industry prospects are changing with the new technologies and it is totally transforming the sector in a myriad of ways. If you are enthusiastic about learning the concept of IIoT, please contact Navin on 2331636 or via email at navin.mautbar@infosystems.mu.


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