Home automation, the next thing you must consider for an intelligent home.

April 13, 2016

Turning your home into a smart home is possible with ABB-free@home where the entire home can be automated to transform your house or apartment into an intelligent home.

Whether blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning or door communication – comfort, safety and efficiency can finally be remote controlled either via a switch on the wall, via voice-control or with a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. For example, if the light atmosphere needs to be changed, tapping on the touch screen or a simple voice command moves the blinds, the colours of the lights change – this is how one experiences the future already today.

 ABB-free@home smart features:

  • Light control Life begins with light. With ABB-free@home® it can be optimally used, whether for illuminating individual rooms or the entire house. For example, with striking light scenes – for different moods and to suit the occasion. A pleasant side effect here is the cost-saving and environmentally friendly use of energy
  • Providing comfort and energy-saving. The optimum room temperature can be adjusted with ABB-free@home® individually or according to the specific requirement, depending on the time of day and the function of the room. In ECO mode, the temperature is automatically lowered at night or when the house is empty. The heating can be automatically shut off when a window is open. This reduces the consumption of energy – whether for conventional heaters or under-floor heating.
  • Door communication.The ABB-Welcome door communication system can be integrated into ABB-free@home®. The door communication and home automation can be used together with ABB-free@ homeTouch 7″. For example, the light switches on when the doorbell rings to see visitors more clearly. And for reasons of safety, the video camera records pictures of visitors at the door when no one is home.
  • Practical and comfortable. The image of the video camera can be displayed on the tablet or smartphone via the Welcome app. In this way, any visitors who ring the bell can be recognised even if you are not at home (requires the ABB-Welcome IP gateway and ABB-Welcome outdoor video station).
  • Atmosphere at the press of a button.With a personal comfort scene The perfect evening after a day at work. ABB-free@home® prepares a pleasant reception when arriving at home. With a colourful display of light and ambient room temperature. Precisely the right atmosphere for relaxing
  • Present and yet not at home.With presence simulation Everything is in perfect order at home. Because ABB-free@home® brings life into rooms that are at times unoccupied. For this the system stores the habits of the residents beforehand during their presence and then calls them up during their absence.
  • Everything off with a single functionSure is sure The simplest type of switch-off. ABB-free@home® offers it with the everything-off function. It is especially practical when leaving the house. It simultaneously switches off all networked devices in all rooms.
  • The house obeys your voice. With voice-control Comfort due to intelligence. A dialogue without misunderstandings, with everything that makes a home smart. Because the voice directly controls light, climate and safety. No unanswered questions: The voice commands are confirmed acoustically with a clear answer. Control is maintained in an appealing manner. A very pleasant way to control the entire house.

Talk to Anglo African Ltd Telecom team for further details on ABB-free@home on the 2331636 or via email contact@infosystems.mu

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