Home Automation – A road to Kids’ Safety for Working Parents!

September 28, 2017

Home automation is an All-in-One solution for surveillance, safety and energy management of your home while you are working at office, far from it. Automating certain features in your home can make life easier for you and safer for your kids, so they don’t accidentally turn on the stove or open the door for a stranger. Home automation products let you take full control of your home remotely. Get complete self assurance of your kids’ safety with Home Automation.

Home automation a good option for working parents

Working parents can make a few arrangements like having a full-time maid at home, inviting their parents to take care of kids or arranging for a temporary baby-sitter. However given any arrangement, the worry lingers in the mind of the parents with redundant questions like… are my kids safe at home? … Is there any exigency?… hope they are not creating any mischief in kitchen… is the gas knob off or they’ve turned it on?… hope there’s no threat like a burglary… is the a/c in their rooms at right temperature?… are the fans turned off in the vacant rooms? This worry list seems endless however you can put an end to all these queries with home automation.

Home automation is an All-in-One solution for surveillance, safety and energy management of your home while you are working at office, far from it.

Home automation can rescue your peace of mind by addressing these 3 major issues:

Surveillance: It is essential for every parent to know what their kids are doing behind their back. Are they indulging in constructive activities or otherwise? Secondly another reason for a robust surveillance system to be in place is to ensure that the person, who is supposedly the caretaker, is not posing any threat to your kids. With the rise in crime these days, Surveillance & Home Security systems is a must. With CCTV Cameras and DVRs, home automation can enable surveillance of your home and kids from literally anywhere, anytime any day.

Safety: Children by their very nature are experimental and you never know when they can just play around with the gas knobs or even fire. There are various Detectors and Sensors that are part of a home safety plan. A gas leak detector and a smoke detector can report any such incident in the house in a short span of time. With the help of home automation technology, smoke detectors can be aligned with local fire stations.

Energy Management: Kids are too young to understand the value of energy and importance of energy saving. With hi-tech aids like HVAC Controls you can set the room temperatures or even set the AC to turn off when the room is vacant. Similarly with Light and Fan Controls let you take full control of the lights and fans from one click on your Smartphone.

Great home automation ideas for houses with kids

1. Automatic hallway lighting

  • If you have kids that wander around at night — whether they go to their parents’ bedroom or to the bathroom — consider adding automatic hallway lights that turn on with motion sensors.
  • Automatic hallway lights can be added close to the floor or at a low brightness level so they don’t wake the rest of the house up, and they ensure kids don’t run into things and hurt themselves in the dark.

2. Television timers

  • One great way to limit the time that kids can watch television is by installing a remote television timer that can be controlled by an app on the parent’s smartphone or tablet.
  • There are many apps and programs that allow parents to turn the television off from afar so kids can’t watch more TV than they should even if they want to.

3. Front door camera

If you want to keep your house and kids safe, set up an automated security system at your front door that includes a camera.

  • If someone rings the doorbell, the camera switches on and broadcasts to a screen, smart device or television in the house, and it allows the child to see if they know who is at the door or not.
  • This is also a convenient device for adults and people who work at home to determine whether the guest is worth stopping work for.

4. Remote appliance controls

Many appliances in the home can be dangerous for kids, like ovens and crock pots. If you have kids in your home, invest in automated appliances that can be controlled remotely on apps on your smart devices.

  • Many of these apps have alerts when the appliance gets hot, and they allow you to turn off the appliance should a kid accidentally turn it on or forget to turn it off.
  • Remote appliance controls also allow people to cook dinner via a crock pot when they’re at work, or even to get the laundry done when they’re not at home.

A child’s home should be as safe as possible, and these are just a few of the methods to ensure your home is safe and convenient for your own kids.


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