Energy measurement with Electronic energy meters

June 29, 2017

Recording and processing of energy values and the current meter readings is continuously gaining in importance. This is not just because of the rising energy costs, but also because of the frequently demanded evaluation and query options via a distributed reading point.

Solutions for decentral energy measurement on the basis of standard:

  • Electronic energy meters make the current energy values available on the bus system in conjunction with an interface. The measured data can be intermediately stored, evaluated and visualized from here.
  • The Energy Module can record the energy consumption for the individual devices. It is used particularly when upgrading existing systems and wherever energy measurement is required without switch functions. It facilitates a detailed and transparent insight into the energy consumption of a building. The current meter values can be sent and evaluated.
  • The Energy Actuator facilitates control of the connected consumer loads via the bus. For each of the three switch channels, the individual consumption can be measured in the same way as for the Energy Module. For every channel, the proven functionality of the bus Switch Actuators are available.


Comfortable and economic solutions for modern energy management

With the Meter Interface Module visualization Consumption and measured values of the electrical energy consumption meters are recorded by the Meter Interface Module and transferred via the bus. The device features an infra-red interface. The information and data, which is read, can be used, for example, for cost centre accounting, energy optimization, monitoring of installations and visualization.

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On June 29, 2017

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