Digital transformation changing customer experience and marketing

August 25, 2016

Digital transformation helps your business to create a process and roadmap to integrate digital marketing. Knowing the importance of the customer experience overall and the increasing focus on that experience in marketing, it’s not a surprise that we also have started talking about digital marketing transformation, the transformation of the connected marketing function and operations for a channel-agnostic customer journey with ever more digital touchpoints.

Steps to bring marketing operations into the digital era

  • Truly understanding customers – Like any meaningful relationship, getting to know your customers well is a commitment. Tracking, analyzing, and interpreting customer behavior and attitudes should be an ongoing, often moment-to-moment undertaking that is critical not only to targeting and shaping relevant content and experiences but also to optimizing how they’re delivered
  • Delivering a superior experience – Getting the consumer journey right requires getting everything right. Meeting customer expectations calls for mapping out each of the steps that define the entire customer experience. As an experience is delivered to the customer, there need to be a system to capture how that shopper responds and feeds that information back into the organization, which then adjusts its offer or message accordingly.
  • Delivering an Omni channel customerexperience requires marketing technology that can automate processes, personalize interactions, and coordinate actions. Marketing technologists, in particular, have a critical role in navigating the ecosystem of more than 2,000 marketing-technology providers to create solutions that deliver the most effective customer experiences.
  • Implementing processes and governance – Technology enables the customer experience, but it requires people, processes, and governance to ensure technology does what it’s supposed to do. To address this challenge, one global consumer-packaged-goods company rethought its entire approach to bringing a new product to market, beginning with a complete overhaul of the marketing brief.
  • Using the best metrics to drive success – Measures of marketing effectiveness need to move beyond what has often been limited to a narrow set of metrics. As companies become more customer-centric, for example, metrics should focus on customer activity rather than simply product or regional activity, as is often the case. To be most effective, however, metrics need to deliver insights quickly—often in real time—so the business can actually act.

Digital Marketing brings immediate value to the customer and to the business.

Clearly the world of technology, digital marketing and social media is having a significant impact on how we behave socially, act as consumers and how we do business so it could be fair to say that any business that does not adapt to the new era of marketing and communications is in danger of losing out. There are number of benefits of Digital Marketing below are the some:

Reduce cost –Your business can develop its online marketing strategy for very little cost and can potentially replace costly advertising channels such as Yellow Pages, television, radio and magazine.

Simple to measure – You can see in real time what is or is not working for your business online and you can adapt very quickly to improve your results.

Greater client appeal – The firms have the benefit of being attractive to customers in terms of results that can be brought by a medium rapidly. Online marketing gives a range of options to them to promote their business to the market.

Brand Development – A well maintained website with quality content targeting the needs and adding value to your target audience can provide significant value and lead generation opportunities. The same can be said for utilizing social media channels and personalized email marketing.

Greater engagement – With digital marketing you can encourage your prospects, clients and followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products and services, rate them, buy them and provide feedback which is visible to your market. So it doesn’t take long for good publicity to enhance the prospects of your business.

Digital Transformation impacts considerably on businesses with its ability to fully utilise the latest technologies. Companies can expand their reach and improve efficiency at minimal cost in unprecedented ways. Does your organisation need an effective digital marketing strategy? do contact Naazreen on 2331636 or via e-mail at .

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