Digital technologies enhance customer experience in the aviation industry

October 26, 2017

Digital technologies can personalise our daily experiences, from the tailored newsfeeds we receive on our smartphones to suggested workouts we get from online personal trainers. The aviation industry is well aware of the potential such technologies hold and is using them to personalise their customers’ travel experience.

While most airlines recognise the opportunity that digital technologies present to optimise customer experience, many do not understand how to incorporate them into their services.

Technologies that can enhance passengers’ interactions

 Passenger empowerment

Increased computing options improve the customer experience by allowing passengers to stay up to date on business developments, communicate with friends and family, or simply choose their own entertainment during flights. According to Future Travel Experience, passenger empowerment is a driving force behind the trends in airline technology. Passengers want convenient, user-friendly service solutions. They want to stay connected and up to date. Giving passengers updated computing solutions provides greater flexibility, better accommodates their interests, and encourages them to return for future flights.

Biometrics, sensors, and tracking technology

Another growing trend in airline service is use of biometrics for check-in and baggage solutions. Biometric technology improves security, according to Future Travel Experience. Sensors and tracking technology is also gaining interest as airlines explore smart technology. In the future, airlines will use eye tracking and sensor technology in flight monitors. While tracking technology remains a work in progress today, it is poised improve the passenger experience going forward.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality already plays an important role in many aspects of the airline industry. According to Apex, the technology provides a glimpse into the cockpit of new planes, and pilots routinely use virtual reality for training purposes.

Improving security

Because greater use of smart devices increases the risk of data breaches, airlines are increasing their focus on cybersecurity. Forward-thinking airlines are turning to advanced digital security solutions to ensure proper governance of all data and fully protect sensitive customer information.

Cloud solutions

Like most industries, airlines are increasingly adopting cloud solutions to maintain and share vast amounts of data. As airlines grow, this technology is integral to meet customers’ needs.

Every airline faces challenges in today’s business environment, and the most successful ones constantly strive to improve the customer experience. By using updated technology, airlines can encourage passengers to return for future flights by offering a top customer experience, while keeping data safe within a complex digital environment.

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