Combines Automation and Smart Luxury to Equal Energy Savings for the hospitality industry

March 15, 2017

Automation adoption has been fuelling business competitive advantage, and reportedly, the return on investment is coming within reach for many resorts and hotels. But the numbers are still small. The major barrier is lack of information about the new technology. As end-users become more knowledgeable about how to automate their facilities and reduce energy consumption, some contractors with an interest in the low-voltage and wireless advantage are placing themselves in key positions to benefit.

A Simple, Commonsense Route to Reducing Energy Costs

Using a wireless sensor based, automated system eliminates the need for occupants to constantly bear in mind the need to conserve. Effective use of a wireless occupancy sensing system connected to a hotel’s HVAC controls can dramatically reduce energy usage. Indeed, one of the great advantages of an automated system is that it works without involving guests at all, so they can enjoy their stay without having to think about their energy consumption.

Hotel Exterior

The guest experience starts long before they arrive at a hotel. But hoteliers can create a warm welcome using lighting control to highlight the exterior architectural features of the building. With automated lighting solutions, hotel owners can create different moods, ensure fixtures turn on or off based on the time of day, and extend bulb life while reducing energy costs. Also ensure the safety of guests and staff with the proper lighting of stairs and pathways making it easy for everyone to avoid hazards.

The hotel lobby serves as an immediate first impression and visual representation of the hotel experience. To achieve the “wow” factor requires not only the proper design and finishes but the right lighting to enhance and show them properly. Combining the available daylight with electric light reduces energy consumption throughout the space. Integrate lighting with occupancy sensors and automated dimming solutions to further reduce costs associated with lighting. By creating various lighting scenes, hotel staff can set the mood depending on the time of day, ensuring that the lobby always feels like an inviting space.

More and more hotels are partnering with top chefs and restaurant brands to serve guests as well as bring additional traffic into the hotel. Hoteliers must remember that these establishments are an extension of the hotel brand and personality. To deliver that fine dining experience, proper lighting and control are necessary. From a touchscreen, restaurant managers and staff can easily adjust individual lighting zones for special guest needs or occasions.

Because ballrooms are used for a variety of events including conferences, trade shows, weddings, and concerts, flexibility and control of lighting become keys to the success of the space. Facility teams must be able to appropriately light the space regardless of the occasion.

Guest Bathroom

Studies have found that hotel guest bathrooms present one of the largest energy saving opportunities by eliminating unnecessary extended operation of lighting. Studies also conclude that 75% of the energy from guest bathroom lighting occurs when the lights are left on for longer than one hour. And two out of every five guests use bathroom lights as nightlights. By installing occupancy sensors and providing nightlights, hoteliers can achieve energy savings of 50% or more, lower utility costs, and ensure guests feel safe and secure.

At Anglo African, our automation solutions are based on intelligent installation system that meets the highest requirements for applications in modern building control. KNX technology ( is accepted as the world’s first open standard for the control of all types of intelligent buildings – industrial, commercial or residential. Our solutions are for new and existing buildings and is extendible/adaptable to new needs.

Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your business . Learn how Anglo African team can help you to implement an automation strategy for your enterprise needs. The Anglo African team is fully committed to helping you in achieving your  new vision to drive operations to the fullest potential. For specific queries, get in touch with Navin by calling on: 2331636 or via e-mail at

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