Business Card Apps to Move Your Contacts Into the Digital Age

January 6, 2017

Just about everything these days has gone digital. Newspapers, television and other traditional media outlets have all seen themselves at least partially supplanted by their digital counterparts. So isn’t it strange that so many of us still use traditional, physical business cards? With everything else going digital, there is better solution to help people store contact information than tiny, flimsy cards that are easily lost or thrown away. Several apps have entered the market to allow you to create, store and/or exchange digital business cards.

Five of the best digital business card apps available today.


Knowee is relatively new to the digital business card game, but this digital business card app offers several key features that help it stand out from a surprisingly crowded market. Knowee allows you to create several different business cards, either by uploading a pre-existing card or creating a new one completely from scratch with the app’s highly customizable options. In addition, Knowee business cards feature clickable thumbnails and links, and even allow viewers to make direct phone calls from the card, making it easier to get in touch with your contacts. Knowee’s in-depth storage system also makes it easy for you to store and sort through the business cards that you receive. Best of all, the app’s premium plan is currently free.


Plaxo may not offer the ability to create traditional-looking digital business cards, but what it does provide is an excellent format for storing and updating your contacts. Plaxo pulls contact information from a wide range of sources, including Facebook, LinkedIn and your phone contacts. Better yet, Plaxo automatically detects and removes any duplicate contacts and regularly checks for any updates so all your contact information is up to date. You can also choose how much of your own contact information is shared with others to keep your info as private or public as you want it to be. There are several different tiers of the app available, including a free option; however, most of the automatic update tools are only available as part of a paid monthly plan.


CamCard is one of the top dogs in the world of business card apps, and for good reason. This intuitive app is able to scan and read cards in over 15 languages, while making it easy for you to exchange digital business cards with others. CamCard goes one step beyond other contact management apps by allowing you to import information from social media feeds and get news from your contacts’ companies. You can also take additional notes within the app to help you better remember who your contacts are and why they are important. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to pay a bit to access all these features.


SnapDat is a handy digital business card app thanks to its ability to integrate information with the iPhone Address book,making it easy to record and access contact information, even when you’re not using the app. SnapDat also allows you to create multiple digital business cards to give you different cards for different business or social situations. SnapDat business cards (referred to as “SnapCards”) can be shared either by email or through the app itself. While the layout options aren’t as customizable as some of the other apps listed here, they still get the job done and are convenient for business and personal use.


For a simple and free digital contact management solution, CardFila is a good option that lets you store an unlimited number of contacts and business cards for free, simply by photographing any physical cards you might wish to file away or inputting the information manually. CardFila offers several search options to help you quickly find needed contacts, while also allowing you to merge or delete duplicates. While this app is more for your own private use rather than for digital business card distribution, it is still a decent choice for easily storing and searching through your contact information.


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