Brand monitoring and capturing the highest share of voice among the keys towards success

July 26, 2017

A brand’s online reputation is noticeable to the consumer and targeted demographic base. In this dynamic and ever-changing era, you need a complete insight of your brand in order to compete in the market. Brand monitoring services used to be reserved for large corporations with huge PR budgets in the past, but not anymore.

  •  Brand Monitoring on Social media

Social media networks are undoubtedly a strong communication channel for any brand. Through these platforms, customers voice out their opinion of your producs/services, concerns and complaints. The best strategy is to stay honest, understand their opinion and be generous towards your customers. Their constructive feedback will prove valuable to make things better. This interaction with your customers will foster a good and positive perception of your brand. If you pay proper attention to the consumer of your product, you can grow your business abundantly. Which will potentially put you on the map as a user-centric brand.

Monitoring your social media presence is important because SM are gathering places filled with people’s thoughts, opinions and concerns about you, your competitors and your field of operation. Some of these people may express disappointment about your services, while some others may be looking for a product like yours (marketing leads). By reacting fast, both situations can have a positive income for your business. However, you wouldn’t know any of these without monitoring

  • Brand Mentions on Web media

Through web monitoring you can keep track of your advertising, negative reviews, keywords and domain names that show their websites and content instead of your own. Keeping track of proper trademark use, no misleading advertising, separation between licenser and licensee is also, an important part of web monitoring. Your company and brand will be devalued, if you lose control of your trademark.

Web monitoring will assist you to stay on top of recent updates and releases for your products. It will also provide a deep insight into the marketing strategies of the competitors, especially in their online activity. You can also monitor what is being said about you on a more real-time basis. There are tools available in the market that can help you manage and monitor your different channels. Additionally, web monitoring will provide you data about the websites talking about your brand and see what sort of content they are displaying about you, upon which you can build a good relationship and form partnerships with them. Where possible, you want to maximise the potential benefits of your brand being represented on third party websites as well.

 How to increase your share of voice

·         Delight your customers

The best way to increase your share of voice is to delight your customers. From great marketing campaigns to effective customer service, ensure there is value in everything you do, and grow your share of voice by impressing your customers. As a result of your efforts, happy customers will be creating satisfaction-driven content, which reaches other current and prospective customers of your brand.

·         Be human, put a face to your brand

If we are speaking honestly, brands are often not that interesting. Individuals, on the other hand, can be fascinating. Consider Richard Branson and Virgin or Elon Musk and Tesla; people will talk about your brand if there’s a face behind the logo. This means that if you want to increase your share of voice, don’t just give your customers something to talk about, give them SOMEBODY to talk about.

·         Build online awareness through great content

The most important lesson we have learned over the years is that when you create content that adds personality to your brand, this can increase of your SOV by tenfold. For example, with campaigns like our Mean Tweets and Game of Social Thrones, we made sure that these campaigns were an exercise in humility as well as expertise. We aimed to impress our audience by connecting our advice with a common pop culture reference, and as a result, our social shares increased dramatically.

·         Engage with your customers in a helpful way

Don’t just listen; make sure you are actively engaging your customers. Whether you do it through customer service channels or in your blog comments, if your customers have questions—offer advice.  If you make a regular practice out of engaging with your customers, not only will this help increase the number of mentions as a result of that interaction, but it will also increase the positive sentiment around your brand.

A brand is a representation of a company’s personality. The way that a company represents itself to the public is, undoubtedly, the single most important aspect of its business. For that reason, monitoring the branding of your company on all different channels is one of the most crucial aspects of your company’s day to day operations.

Four major V’s in brand monitoring:

  • Volume: Number of impressions in front of your customers.
  • Velocity: Speed of brand perception and how it might change.
  • Visibility: How easily customers can access public opinion of your brand.
  • Volatility: The unpredictable impact of consumers’ opinion of your brand.
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