Anglo African weekly news wrap on trending cyber-attacks, to keep you alert

September 4, 2019

Wordlister is a simple wordlist generator and mangler written in python. It makes use of python multiprocessing capabilities in order to speed up his job (CPU intensive).

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If AI-generated ‘deepfake’ videos are going to spread like wildfire and cause social chaos in the future, it’s probably going to happen on Facebook or Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram. To boost the chances of technology being used to detect deepfake video when humans can’t, the social network and advertising giant has launched the Deepfake Detection Challenge, offering $10m in research grants and rewards.

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housands of web servers have been infected and had their files encrypted by a new strain of ransomware named Lilocked (or Lilu). Infections have been happening since mid-July, and have intensified in the past two weeks, ZDNet has learned. Based on current evidence, the Lilocked ransomware appears to target Linux-based systems only.

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After a ransomware attack slapped a hefty payout demand of $5.3 million on New Bedford, Mass., the city announced that it is instead opting to pick up the pieces and restore what it can from backups itself. If the city had opted to pay, the payout would have been the largest known ransom payout for an attack yet.

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It seems like every few days there’s another example of a convincing deepfake going viral or another free, easy-to-use piece of software (some even made for mobile) that can generate convincing video or audio that’s designed to trick someone into believing a piece of virtual artifice is real. But according to The Wall Street Journal, there may soon be serious financial and legal ramifications to the proliferation of deepfake technology.

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