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May 23, 2019

Assange also spurred Manning to continue to steal documents and helped her “crack a password hash to a military computer,” the indictment said. By the time Assange entered into a password-cracking agreement with Manning, he “knew, understood, and fully anticipated that Manning was taking and illegally providing WikiLeaks with classified records containing national defense information of the United States that she was obtaining from classified databases.”

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Linux-based distros are the most preferred platforms for ethical hacking. Specifically, open source operating systems like Kali Linux Tools and Parrot are very popular among security researchers. They come with a long list of hacking tools with Terminal and GUI interfaces.

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Regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and high-profile breaches have moved cybersecurity out of IT and into the board room. For security practitioners, this level of visibility has helped ease the budgeting process and allowed them to add multiple products and services to their security solutions toolkits.

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Hackers breached a company that provides license plate reader technology for the US government, including at the border with Mexico. The hackers posted what appears to be the internal data of the company, called Perceptics, on a dark web website on Thursday. A company employee confirmed to Motherboard that Perceptics was hacked.

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