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May 9, 2019

A fifteen-count indictment has been unsealed today by the U.S. Department of Justice charging six men part of a hacking group dubbed “The Community” for allegedly being behind a SIM swapping fraud which led to the theft of roughly $2,5M worth of cryptocurrency.

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Whenever product or service vendors use the word “unhackable,” they are setting themselves up for the scrutiny of security researchers.  As we’ve previously seen with the Viper smart car alarms and the Bitfi wallet — both marketed as basically hackerproof — the term “unhackable” is a red flag to a bull in the cybersecurity realm.

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A little-known New York-based threat intelligence company, Advanced Intelligence LLC (AdvIntel), says it has proof that three US-based antivirus companies have been hacked by a Russian collective dubbed “Fxmsp”, which it claims has been peddling their “exclusive source code” and network access online for $300,000.

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In 2018, Nigeria-based cybercrime jumped 54 percent over the previous year, as groups of scammers expanded their operations adding new tactics and reaching a wider breadth of targets. The increase, outlined in a report released Thursday by Palo Alto Network’s Unit 42, shows that Nigerian scammers continue to launch attacks at an alarming rate.

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IT professionals, particularly those who work in security, often find themselves embattled due to poor management and less-than-tech-savvy end users. Security consultancy Lastline conducted a survey at the 2019 RSA conference to measure the attitudes of IT workers toward their jobs, and found that 31.5% of security professionals “believe that at least half of their employees think the cloud is literally in the sky,” with approximately another third saying they believe that “some, but less than 50 percent” think the cloud is in the sky.

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