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April 10, 2019

Russia has fined Facebook with 3,000 rubles, roughly $47, for not complying with the country’s controversial Data Localization law. It’s bizarre and unbelievable, but true. In December last year, Russian Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor sent notifications to Twitter and Facebook asking them to provide information about the location of servers that store the personal data of its citizens.

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The latest WPA3 WiFi security and authentication standard may be suffering from serious safety flaws of its own.  This is according to a group of researchers – Mathy Vanhoef and Eyal Ronen, who issued a report called “Dragonblood – A Security Analysis of WPA3’s SAE Handshake”, which identifies design flaws in the WPA3 standard’s Dragonfly key exchange, hence the Dragonblood name.

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These days, it seems like every time you turn around another company announces a data breach. At the same time, organizations spend millions on their data warehouses, security solutions, and compliance initiatives. But all of that spend can instantly be rendered useless by the everyday business workflow of downloading data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

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In late 2017, KRACK Attack crippled the popular 13-year-old WPA2 Wi-Fi standard used in our homes, offices, and public networks. The flaw allowed hackers to gain access to unencrypted traffic between the access point and the device — there were possibilities of breaking encryption as well. Months later, the Wi-Fi Alliance released the WPA3 protocol to bring improved wireless security to users as well as to those who didn’t meet the minimum password security requirements.

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