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February 14, 2019

Dragos, a security firm that specializes in industrial control systems (ICS) has released three year-in-review reports that cover vulnerabilities reported in 2018, the 2018 threat landscape, and lessons it learned in responding to ICS security incidents.

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Nest, the smart home company owned by Google, is proactively locking people out of their accounts if it believes their passwords have been compromised. The company began sending out emails to affected users last night. If you’ve been affected, you’ll need to tell your Nest app to forget your current password and enter a new one.

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18,000 Android apps with tens or hundreds of millions of installs on the Google Play Store have been found to violate Google’s Play Store Advertising ID policy guidance by collecting persistent device identifiers such as serial numbers, IMEI, WiFi MAC addresses, SIM card serial numbers, and sending them to mobile advertising related domains alongside ad IDs. The issue here is that, while some of the companies behind these apps will most probably say that they’re not actually using persistent device identifiers for ad targeting, they are still violating the Google Play Store Advertising ID policy guidance.

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With growing security threats and compliance being taken seriously, companies are more aware than ever of the need to protect their data. This means hackers must work harder to try to steal information and contact centers are in the front line. We spoke to Ben Rafferty, chief innovation officer at security and compliance specialist Semafone to find out how contact centers are under threat and what can be done to protect them.

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Security analytics firm Risk Based Security has released its 2018 year end report on data breaches, and it’s not all bad news. The number of publicly disclosed breaches has fallen slightly since 2017, though only by 3.2%, the report found. What’s more impressive is the decrease in the number of exposed records, which was down by 35.9% from 7.9 billion to only 5 billion. Despite that decrease, Risk Based Security said, reports continue to trickle in and 2018 may end up eclipsing the high water mark set in 2017.

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